Exhaust Electrical Conduit as an Exhaust Pipe?

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  1. So I have a 1/2" lil nubby exhaust tip protruding from my exhaust can.

    I have noticed it spits oil onto my gastank.

    I was looking around home depot for something to route the exhaust gasses where I wont have to worry about oil spray.

    I found this 1/2" electrical conduit made of steel.

    When I asked the guys at home depot if they thought it would hold up against the hot temp of the exhaust they said maybe as it is steel but it seems very thin walled, but to try it anyway and get back to them.

    I have attached a pic and wonder if you guys would think if it would survive the hot temps of the exhaust.

    Maybe it would be better if I painted it with High heat ceramic paint?

    What u think?

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    Should work, I myself use 3/4 copper tube. Easy to bend and braise. Here is what I use to bend the copper tube, plus a little heat to make it easier.

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  3. this is what i use conduit form home depot

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