Engine Trouble engine bogging? check the exhaust


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5:05 AM
Mar 23, 2008
central illinois
During the summer my HT gradually lost power. My highest engine RPMs kept sliding down and down.

At first I didn't mind; it made me do some pedalling and get more exercise. But there came a time that I was working like a dog to merely keep the engine running.

So I spent a few days switching fuel filters, switching carburetors, disassembling carburetor, switching spark plugs, etc. None of that helped and I was feeling a bit discouraged thinking that my troubles might be too subtle for me to figure out.

But then I noticed that there wasn't much "oomph" coming out of the end of the exhaust. Turns out that it was filled with "soot". Unburnt fuel and oil, I suppose. I cleaned that out and now I'm scooting up the hills once again. It's nice to have my bike back.

I did some exhaust modification shortly after my build to quiet the bike a bit. Two screws straight through the center pipe in an "X" pattern, down near the outlet. And this was exactly where the plug had built up, so maybe this wont' be an issue on an exhaust that is left as stock.

But perhaps a dirty exhaust could be an issue from time to time. So I'm hoping this'll be helpfull to someone.
Yep mine did same thing well frist ride off the year the bike would not start. tryed plug gas then decided to take exhaust off it fired right off.