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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Canon, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Canon

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    Another problem that I've never had just arose, I can start my engine fairly easily but as soon as I depress the clutch the engine dies. While running it seems spotty when I roll back the throttle with bursts of speed and deceleration without my consent. Any ideas?

  2. motorpsycho

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    you mean as soon as you release the clutch lever to make the bike move?
    it's possible that your clutch is engaging too soon...it needs to slip a little so the engine can keep the rpms up.
    I may be wrong on this tho.
  3. AussieSteve

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    If you mean the opposite, ie. that it stalls when the clutch is disengaged, (pulled in), then the idle screw might need to be adjusted inwards, (clockwise), to raise the idle.

    Regarding the 'spotty' running and bursts of speed and deceleration without your 'consent', this sounds a bit like a lean mixture, possibly due to an air leak where the carb attaches to the inlet tube, or where the inlet bolts to the barrel.
    A guess only, but not a bad place to start. There are several ways to seal it, but temporarily, Permatex non-hardening sealant smeared on the carb/inlet joint during assembly works. If this proves to be the problem, a search will find the various methods of sealing.

    ... Steve
  4. Canon

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    Steve I adjusted the idle screw and didn't see any changes, I'll take a look at the carb today after class. Thanks for the advice guys.