Engine? or speedometer?

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  1. artik

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    Hey guys,
    I just got this new speedometer located at:

    it showes my top speed as like 15mph lol. Does anyone else have this speedometer? if so, does it have a buffer zone or something that I'm missing? any help is appreciated. I've had my engine for probably almost 2 galons now. I run the engine with the choke all the way off too, otherwise it begins to die. Is there any method of tuning the engine through some troubleshooting?

    Thanks in advanced guys,

  2. Mountainman

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    hi Mike

    hi Mike

    not sure if that's what you meant to say
    because once warmed up -- that's what we do

    the other day my friend's MB -- he could not run without the choke part way on
    it's a Happy Time
    we took apart the carb -- moved clip one notch
    running pretty fair now

  3. HoughMade

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    I have that speedometer and it if it's inaccurate at all, it shows too fast.

    Like the Man of the Mountain said, sound like you need to address something else. The choke should be used to start (when cold) and you should be able to take it all the way off (fully open) pretty quickly and never mess with the choke the rest of your ride. If you cannot do that, something is wrong....and if you have to block air off to get it to run right, you either have an air leak, or you need more fuel.
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    i have 2 of these spedometers, I Bought them brand new from bikeworld usa,. I Currently have an MC100 CATEYE spedometer on my bike, 65$ (lots of coin) It had been tested accurately from my buddies truck crusing down the highway at a steady 21 mph, and me at 21 mph. And it was accurate, I got one of these spedometers hoping it would be easier to read. At 20 mph, The bikeworldusa spedometer reads 30, At ten. It reads twenty. VERY INNACURATE! both of them we have don't read properly
  5. pdxrhett

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    if it uses a magnet that passes something to tell how fast you are going, the magnet might be too far away from the hub. try moving it
  6. Kiwi

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    Distance from the hub doesn't matter...
    Think of it this way... if the outside of the spokes where to move faster than the inside of them... the wheel would fall apart

    installed MANY comps at work... magnet position does not matter.

    Did you program it to your wheel size?