Engine staring to sound like diesel RID

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Proboscis, Mar 9, 2007.

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    well after 5500km my lil bike is starting to wear down. great starter engine to learn on (bike + motor) i know it is loose rod bearing or maybe the carb but i will always like that little bike.

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    Have you tried to de-carbon the engine? It's pretty easy and with most people running an extremely rich 20/1 mix it's likely got a ton of carbon on the piston.

    Remove your head, and turn the engine until it (the piston) is at the top. Use a wooden dowel or other piece of wood to remove the most of it, then finish it up with a brass brush. The kind that you put on a Dremel tool work great. DON'T use a scraper or screwdriver!

    Use a shopvac to keep it all clean as you go.

    It should help.
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    I would most certainly be interested to hear how a refurb goes.. rings/decarbonising etc etc

    I hope to get a long life out of the engine, way more and 5k kms