Putting together my Phantom.

If I can get ahold of the hardware I need tomorrow, then I will get the chain ran and the kit tank mounted to test. I don't have ethanol free gas right now, so that is another thing I'll have to go get. I also need to finish my exaust brace. I got a fancy chrome clamp for 9 bucks and I need to make a bracket to go ul to the motor mount. Overall she's almost ready.

I modified my whizzer stand a bit more today so it would hold the bike up about 2 inches rather than half an inch. I am Overall super happy with how it's coming together. Monday I will take my stand to school and get some good welds on there (110 flux core isn't quite enough).
Things went as planned, I got a run for hardware into town and thought I got everything. Turns out I need more washers, bolts, nuts, and some loctite lol.
Yeah... this tank looks way too big on here. Welp, maybe I'll cut it down and re weld it, maybe not. This project however is probably gonna be on hold for a few months. I've gotten really busy the past week and it's only getting busier


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