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Jan 28, 2024
Excuse my lack of knowledge before I talk 😆 so I just finished putting my bike together and I saw a couple videos on how to start the bike, choke on, clutch in, pedal and then drop the clutch and warm it up right? If that's wrong please correct me, but I couldn't get the bike to move after I dropped the clutch it just slowed me down. Any help? 🙏
Pedal harder and faster, release the clutch and keep pedaling harder and faster. You have to force it to pop off for the first time.
Remove crank and clutch basket cover, keep a flathead or Phillips on hand or pocket. Remove the screw on the clutch plate. Adjust you clutch cable to lever where the arm is straight to the case. In some cases heightened. The clutch cable arm behind it as it does run into the crankshaft sometimes.

Now that those are both checked and set. Use your lever or hand to pull back the clutch lever arm. This will release the clutch plate from the pads. Make sure it spins freely. Let go look at the clutch plate and see if it's now turning the gears without your hand engaging the clutch lever. If not tighten some more. You will eventually get the idea of what's too hard or too soft.

Once adjusted you will have easier starts. Remember more pressure the better for starts and running. Your clutch plate ideally needs to warm up to start efficiently. This is effectively done by pedalling a few hundred feet, gain some speed or momentum then release the clutch lever. You can physically feel the heat generated off s plate after doing this.

Sometimes cold starts for the trick. Push carb lever facing all the way down then pull back up about 10%. Turn gas tank lever to off position and try to see if it starts, sometimes the carb is flooded.

If this doesn't work pull lever up to 50-75% center. Keep in mind that either method pedal a few hundred feet, gain momentum. Release the clutch as you're give your bike full throttle.

Sometimes pads are the problem when you begin especially the red clay looking ones. If you remove the clutch plate and all you see is black smoothing. Use a flathead to remove the pads. Sand them clean on a flat sidewalk also each edges. Ideally pads don't need to be super tight in the basket. They infact work better free floating. I had s recent incident with these pads on a new phantom 85 V3. I couldn't for the life of it getter started until resending the pads. You can take your clutch plate too and scrape against the cement s few times and blow it off.

I guarantee this will fix all your issues. GL. Once everything is set place the clutch plate screw back on the plate secured with the flower nut. It will take some time to find her sweet spot. If the pads are red replace them with the black and white ones or the green and black ones off Amazon.
Here is my #1 tip, replace the ching chang xuilinglong plug with one from NGK B5HS is where I would start, best $3.50 you can spend.
I put NGK BR6HS in almost all the mopeds I've had...I wonder how many I've bought now

Also, they aparently make them in Taiwan now.
I was going to suggest check the gas i don't mean to be presumptuous but that happens a lot