Engine wont switch off

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by dragonzeye, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. dragonzeye

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    Hi i have a skygo sg50 qt 2a, and i have a little problem occasionally when i switch off my igniton the engine keeps running and i have to use the kicktand to cut off the engine and then disconnect the battery to make the fuel needle go back down (otherwise it will drain my battery) then reconnect everything again....bit of a pain in the neck when its raining. could this be the CDI unit? please help as i am frustrated :helmet: Thanx

  2. HeadSmess

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    you have a what?

    all i can think is that you have a loose wire/plug/connection on the killswitch side of things (standard from the cdi unit is blackwhite, shorted to earth is KILL)

    the fact you say that you need to disconnect the battery makes me suspicious that its that simple. sounds more like some type of relay issue, or harness issue. same deal probably, loose connector, especially if its only sometimes.

    and then, it sounds like some sorta moped thing and... i havent seen much about mopeds going on around here...
  3. dragonzeye

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    Thanks for that I will look into it
  4. darwin

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    Sounds like an ignition switch issue to me if lowering the kick stand kills it. Assuming this bike is like a reg m/c.
  5. dragonzeye

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    Thank you Darwin, I have some time off now so gonna strip it and have a looksy.
  6. HeadSmess

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    ah huh!

    yep. a scooter. road legal.

    best bet is a multimeter, a small flat screwdriver to gently bend connectors, and some contact cleaner...

    but. ok. you turn it off at the KEY, or the on/off switch on the bars? the main key should kill everything. the blackwhite is earthed, the power is diconnected from battery. im not familiar with your exact scooter, but they are fairly generic... the only relay is usually for the electric starter. maybe more fancy for the dashboard with all the modern gizmos.

    by simply unplugging the key on most pitbikes and scooters, they will run, albeit with no lights etc.

    you say you have power, and have to pull the battery, so the first place to look is at the main switch. it sounds like its not switching off. how strange. seriously.

    if you can pop the lock(often requires dismantling half the front end as it is a security thing), get it on the table, then do a google on the actual part, you should find basic terminal wiring, then be able to test with a multimeter.

    if it has a kicker or something, try starting it with no main switch in the loop... or pull plug, check for spark by spinning engine with a socket on the cranknut.

    could simply be a crushed wire like the 240ac live mains wire was squashed between case and chassis on my new plasma cutter!