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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Ozi, May 28, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    Riding my new bike I'm finding that because the oil/fuel mix is on the oily side (running in at 16:1)
    and where my little tailpipe is located , It's spraying oil, not much but enough to annoy me on the back wheel and the pants near my ankles.

    Now my question is ...would it be worth it to run a pipe from the muffler to say behind the rear axle ??

    and I'm thinking that because of the angles the muffler might slowly start filling with oil. Could that eventually happen ?

    Should I just put up until it is run in because theoretically it shouldn't be as bad at 25:1, should it ?

    1st pic standard
    2nd pic pathetic photoshop pretend pipe


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  2. I would not worry about it after breakin it will stop. I would wire tie your wires though they look awful close to ehaust (bad thing). Unusual looking carb/ intake setup, that the way it came with the kit?
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    The running-in period will come around pretty quick so when u swap to 25:1 or even 30:1 (good quality synthetic oil) you'll have no problems.
    Once it's run-in(or even now) u can increase your power,IF that's possible with that muffler.
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    You can always run a small bore pipe from the stinger on that exhaust back to the tail of the bike - I recommend brass pipe that is the same bore or larger then the stinger bore. There are flexible unions available at most model shops that would work to make joints. Be sure you secure it properly - jamming a wheel at 30mph not a good thing...

    I would agree most definately that you need to do something with those cables - insulation doesnt react well to heat - easiest way is cable tie them to the frame as far away from the silencer as possible..

    have fun and happy riding

    Jemma xx