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  1. Has anyone ever used conduit for an exhaust pipe, I was thinking of connecting it to where the muffler broke off of the exhaust pipe good making my muffler in a tent at the rear of the bike below the sprocket on the left

  2. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    seen a lot of folks do that just to move dripping to rear - with metal or hi-temp rubber hose
  3. 45u

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    The exhaust on a 2 stroke is very important to how well the motor runs. Just adding pipe is not going to make it run well or can make it run worse. Do some research on 2 cycle exhaust. Good luck.
  4. jaguar

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    Actually my experiments proved that extending the header of the stock pipe by 6" improves low speed power. But I used the same diameter steel pipe and had it welded.
  5. butre

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    conduit works, welding galvanized is a nightmare though. you gotta grind the zinc off or it won't weld right and will give you a bad case of zinc shakes
  6. 45u

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    I agree but if you do not have a good expansion chamber it is not going to run any where near potential. A good pipe is the number one best upgrade you can do on a 2 cycle.
  7. Frankfort MB's

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    I have to disagree, my best upgrade for a HT engine is porting and matching

    I have done both the expansion chamber and porting.... Porting worked better for me
  8. 45u

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    And good proting with out a good pipe is a waste.
  9. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Used both combined, don't see much of a power increase with the expansion chamber on....
    At very high RPMs it has better power but it's up so high you can't do anything with it, probably just my expansion chamber
  11. WTH Are the zinc shakes?
  12. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    galvie flu, monday fever, or more appropriately metal fume fever.

    your body needs to be in equilibrium and breathing in too much zinc throws it off. look up metal fume fever and zinc toxicity on wikipedia
  13. Frankfort MB's

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    Welding galvanized can get zinc in your lungs and can very bad over time.... You can do it but just keep it in a VERY good ventilated area

    I think it welds decent though, welds about like dirty steel to me..... But also just about any steel I weld on is dirty:):D
    Throw a little more gas at it and it will be fine;)
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    I started an engine up with the exhaust completely off once. It was pretty bad ass :D

    Kinda frightened me a lil bit though :p
  16. In what way did it frighten you?
  18. I read once to never ever start your engine or run it without an exhaust. Something about that pressure ruining your engine but that makes no sense to me it's just like running a straight pipe, Right?
  20. On the way there and I tried to do some torch welding with some galvanized all I did was melt a bunch of metal in my driveway it was very well ventilated trust me.
    I tried to braze on a connector pipe connectors for the galvanized pipe You know the ones supplied for electrical pipe. LOL. You just say that it melted all over the floor The connector that is.