Fancy New Spark Plug

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Feb 19, 2008
Sacramento, CA
I was looking for a replacement kill switch for the bike and I saw they had some new small engine spark plugs.

One of them caught my eye with it's fancy packaging and it says it replace Champion CJ7Y plugs. It's called a E3.12 spark plug from a company called E3

The propaganda on the package says the Diamond Fire (TM) electrode makes for quicker starts, extends engine life, makes more power, saves gas, and is impossible to foul this spark plug.

5.99 for all this? I'm thinking about buying it. If someone else has tried it let me know if it is any better/
I was never much into "fancy" spark plugs like the "split fire" and others like it. They never really seemed to perform any better than a standard plug IMHO. Plugs on small engines usually get fouled with deposits and fail before the electrodes actually erode away. If the plug is in the proper heat range and the mixture (and fuel/oil ratio) is correct, a small engine plug will last a long time. But then again it might be worth a try considering the E3 plugs are only a few bucks more, and they probably won't do any harm.
I am a big fan of the NGK,That's all i would ever run in a 2 stroke...My dirt bikes have always loved them too.I have tried "Fancy plugs" before but favor NGK's,They perform great in a properly tuned 2 stroke,And some crappy running ones too.
Well... it is also a low profile plug. I have to use the low profile ones for clearance. I will probably pick one of these up after I break in the engine.
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