Fatty Tuned Pipe

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    Hello again,

    I am making my own Fatty Tuned Pipe with my dad (I am 16 http://i34.tinypic.com/2ylpuns.jpg), and will be posting instructions (a full step-by-step guide with pictures) on how to make it work. The pipe is a pocket bike pipe (MSRP $179) and has a huge chamber in the shape of flames/waves.(^) Hope everyone checks back later to see my awesome creation. I am installing it on a Schwinn Southport Cruiser with a 80CC Spooky Tooth Engine. See you later!:)

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    Second step: Preparing your header!

    My stock muffler looks like this:

    You have two options now.

    (1st: using a pipe cutter ( http://i34.tinypic.com/1zd2mo8.jpg ), cut off the silencer from the header. It will look like this when finished: http://i36.tinypic.com/18otgj.jpg)


    (2nd: use the pocket bike muffler attachment that comes with your fatty pipe [I am doing this one!!!!! The reason I chose this one is because the attachment is better quality the stock, and you will see later that this will make the appearance sleeker instead of using two different materials.)
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    I will add more to the guide tomorrow.
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    Did you know your cylinder head is on the wrong way round?
    Interesting guide BTW

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    Do what now?
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    good eye there BSA

    I guess that in this case head direction isn't a big thing
    cooling fins are meant to be in the other direction
    sure wouldn't work with a 4-stroke would it !!!

    that is going to be -- ONE COOL LOOKING TAIL PIPE GOING ON THERE !!!

    makes for a great sound and nice look as we ride that thing --- MM
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    what happened to the rest of this thread?
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    !!!!!folow up!!!!!!!!

    The pipe worked so well that he went back in time
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    he should finish what he started lol
  11. I guess it didn't work!!