finally got pics of my new chopper

Nice Job! You've got the retro look down!
Why is the tank so near the the seat? Mechanical reason or looks? Make no mistake, like it.
Looks very cool, I'm wondering why the left pedal is taped to the exhaust :eek: ?
Very nicely done! I think one of the best parts of having a motoredbike is being able to say "I built this!".
Have fun
thanks everyone. the muffler is attached to the pedal becase the two pedals are but parallel to each other because the muffler was in the way so i just said what the heck ill just put a hose clap on. when i get back from holidays im going to make a new muffler. i hate the tires on these bikes becasue they go flat really easlly so im buying a small box of tubes for the front and back and while im in toronto im going to get some sidewiew mirrors