Fire It Up!!

Woot!! Took a 100 yrds or so to fill up the float but it started right up and I hardly looked down to see that everything was okay. Kill switch even works, ha. I don't feel any vibration. I knew I was saving the Brooks for a special occassion.

Not sure how you guys use the strap to make a muffler support but I'm not thinking it needs it.

the 50 tooth sprocket is great for low end torque but the 44 or 40 is better for economy and speed and hopefully i can get rid of the stupid tensioner. BTW, the new chain loosened up big time in just 15 minutes ride time.

I lucked out-I got a good engine (knock wood)

looks like a fun ride
I've been having fun on mine, but there are some minor things to look out for. The choke on my motor wants to bounce up a little bit and make performance get real bad till I push it back down. I also am checking the bolts on a regular basis, will locktite those that haven't been already.
glad you got her up n runnin

dang man thats a sweet looking bike. very nice indeed. :eek:

thanks. I switch out the rear for a 40 tooth, put a Forte single speed tensioner on the right side so I can tighten up the rear as the 415 chain spreads out. I need to put a computer on it, I am barely giving it any gas and I must be doing 25. a tach would be really nice. Now i need to fab a heat shield for the exhaust. I need to weigh it but it's no problem carrying it up to my 3rd floor pad.

did a grocery run and a home depot run today. no Law but a few head/ear :p turns.

Great build. I've never used a strap for the muffler and don't know many who have.
I'm going to guess that sprockets are different sizes, I've always used the one that came with the kits. That may be where you're getting slack in the chain.
There are several good thread around on various tensioner styles. Somepeople even have gone with out the tensioner all together. Here's a good thread

Have fun!