My bike just about dialed in.

My first post. There it is, my first bike. Hiland MTB 66cc motor cleaned up internals, port matched, NGK plug, extractor exhaust, HP carb, 52 tooth rear sprocket and modified stock muffler. Stock internals and head.
Took a long time to make this happen, watched a lot of youtube and read the forums. This one is the best by far.
A few details, the extractor on it's own was way too loud so I put the stock muffler on which killed the power so I made it into a glass pack by gutting the internals, drilling several more holes in the pipe, wrapped it loosely with expanded screen and filled the cavity with fibre glass. Works great not too loud.
The stock rear sprocket was drilled to mount on the disc brake hub but found it way too fast and had no hill climbing power so I bolted the 52 to the 44.

True enough. There is an old story about a traveler comes to mind.

Anyway, here are a few photos.

All right, talk me into it.
A traveler comes into town and asks a gardener what are the people like in this town? He replies, what where the people like in the last town? The traveler replies, wonderful people, kind and generous. The gardener replies, I'm sure you will find the people here similar.
I could go on but you get my drift.


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New bike almost dialed in, need a seat post for my springy dingy seat and to hook up the carb. Amazon motor with improved wrist pin and homemade aluminum spacers, decked cylinder, port matched intake and MZ65 clone.
This has a 48 T sprocket with 27.5 tires.
Also included a couple pictures of my off set intake made of 3/4 street elbow with heat shrink tubing.


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