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Thanks for all the great info here. With y'all's help I've built a couple bikes for my transportation needs.

The black one is a KHS Alite 40 with a Honda GX35 Staton friction drive running a 1 inch drive roller. I've swapped out the mtb tires for Fincci street rubber, Kool Stop break pads, Shimano trigger shifters, and a dual brake lever. It's my daily work commuter when it's dry out. It's been perfectly reliable and a comfortable runner over all with the only exception I've had to replace the bearings for the drive roller a couple times now. This last time I replaced the grease that came in the bearings with Lucas Red and Tacky, so far so good.

The red one is a Schwinn Sanctuary 7 that's about 90% done. It's got a 66cc China doll and is mostly stock with a couple upgrades. A 44 tooth sprocket, Shimano Altus trigger shifter, an upgraded tensioner, and a dual brake lever. Eventually I will build a nicer engine for it once I get the rest of it dialed in. It runs acceptable, but is pretty shaky at higher rpms unlike the little Honda. I also plan on building a rear wheel that has a disk brake hub to attach the sprocket and an upgraded front wheel. Thinking about springer fork for the looks as this one is just for cruising. Different tires and better brake pads are in the immediate future.
I'm a mechanically inclined Jack of all trades in the Pacific Northwest, this is a fun hobby with practicality given the gas prices nowadays.


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May 26, 2008
Nice bikes. On the FD what bottle holder is that? Have a link to it? Welcome to the forum!