Phatmoto A/T 2024 build log.

Got up to 50mph today before slowing down 6050 rpm, so still got a bit left on the table, especially if I was to duck down.

Funny thing, I checked my mirror and a police car slowly passed me, I technically was speeding (40mph limit) and doing so in the bike lane, fortunately they just kept going!

About 55 miles on this setup so far with no hiccups, bearings still good, brakes still strong frame still in one piece.

Wish I had more places to safely ride.
Yea, we're going to need a weekly report on that thing! Good job BTW.
They will wear off soon enough. Like snow tires in the summer. I like the way knobbies feel, I suppose it is an illusion but they seem to grip well on pavement.
Then you won't like, allusion. Sounds similar but means referring to something else. Delusion is a false belief, illusion is also false but references the visual like a magician's act.
Sorry, off the rails here.
I've heard them all, and I know what they mean, but I just get the spelling mixed up (that's if I can speml it correctly in the first place lol)
Took it out in traffic for the first time today, 35mph speed limit, had no problems merging into traffic, cruising at 40 and stopping for cars to turn into businesses.

Took it over some rail road tracks and it handled it just fine.

It confused a few people for obvious reasons.

I'll take it further once I get a tool kit together, pedaling this moose isn't fun!

Unfortunately this bike is giving me the itch for a motorcycle, but I'm too wise to ride one here.

Maybe when I move somewhere less crowded.