First bad *** motorized schwinn occ

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    New to this website. Its sweet to see other motorized bicycle fans out here. I just recently picked up a schwinn occ chopper and installed an 88cc 2 stroke motor. It looks bad ***! I have plenty of motorcycles that i love to ride and work on and always wanted to get that extra bump in gas milage. This bike is amazing for that. To go grab a bite to eat ill hop on.
    I live in north county, san diego, surf and love anything offroad or two wheels and a motor.

    Also im looking for brakes for my schwinn occ chopper because i need some extra braking power. Thanks if you know where i can get some

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    Welcome to MBc, Joseph. Glad to have you with us. I am certain that question about the heavier brakes has come up before...Read everything you can, and make some heavy use of our search function. I'm positive you will find an answer. You are in the company of some of the world's honest-to-goodness bunch of MB Gurus in the world. Our members span all of the continents. You WILL get an answer! Good luck.
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    Patrick, At the bottom of your response, a Trailmate Meteor Delta Trike was mentioned. I looked everywhere I could think of for a pic. A trike that hit's 40mph peaked my intrest. Would it be possible to get a few pics of this awsome machine? I've got about 50 builds behind me, most of them two wheelers, And just recently started getting into trikes. I sure would like to check out your machine.
    Big Red.
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    There were some OCC S-rays that came with brakes on the front forks. You can usually find one on CL. However I did a DIY front brake(center pull).
    A disc would be even easier. I also converted my OCC to spring fork and modified the original seat to be spring loadad. These were good upgrades however converting one OCC too 5 spd was the best upgrade.
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    'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may...' Robert Herrick

    Red...I really don't remember if I gave you an answer on this, but: Go to the "Powered Trikes Forum" > "Trailmate Meteor & Gas Power" > most of the details and pics are in my Post #41, altho there are some in the rest of the 'Build Notes' (Might as well read the whole thread) > my gearing setup is in my Post #47...the real 'Magic' is in the gearbox takeoff gear, and I can change that with merely a pair of snap ring pliers, and two screwdrivers in less than 10 minutes without even getting my hands dirty.

    But Red, you don't want to go anywhere at 42+ mph on a trike...It's not safe, and it's Spooky Fast! What I did was on a measured quarter mile on a new, but closed road. And, there was a Deputy (half as nuts as I am) who had his radio to call an ambulance if necessary. I felt like one of those test guys the military strapped to the front of one of the first 'rocket sleds' in the 1950's..."Now listen, John Paul, all we're going to do is strap you to the front of this rocket engine on this little train car thing, and ignite it. AOK?...The chimp? :whistling: Oh, the Chimp, well...he didn't quite make it. But don't you worry. You'll be fine..." 25-30 mph is a nice speed.

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    Thanks Patrick. Yeah, That was a while back. I just figured you were having so much fun on the trike it just slipped your mind.
    That is a really nice trike. Simple but effective. Not a lot of garbage on it trying to make it look cool. If it just happens to come out looking cool, like yours, so much the better.
    I found out the hard way about TOO FAST on a trike. My trike build at first had a WAY TOO SMALL axle sprocket. I had to peddle my arse off just to get it going to keep from burning the clutch. But once it was going that thing was hitting 55mph with 1/4 throttle left. I figured a trike that would do 60mph or better was insane. At those speeds a quick emergency turn would kill you. So I put a bigger sprocket on it and it was still hitting 40+. I left it that way and sold it. Of course I had the guy sign the standard waiver. You know the one that say's "If you kill yourself on this bike it's not my fault", And loaded it in his truck.
    Again, VERY nice trike. It gives me a couple ideas for my next trike build.
    Shiney Side Up,
    Big Red.