First Commute to Work


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3:47 AM
Jun 12, 2008
Took first commute to work yesterday. The sun was hidden by cluds as i rolled the kaluna moon dog of the porch at 6:30 am.Temp 70 deg. I reached down and fired up the stanton eho35 cc 4 stroke. She came to life in one pull. Adjusting the 7/8"drive roller to just run 1/4 inch deep on the rear tire. I aimed my steed to works way. I new the 7.14 mi trip would be an adventure.
As i came off my small lane road onto the highway i noted the slow vehicle traffic there. It was a blessing as i pointed north pedaled slightly,ans easied the throttle up to 1/8.the moved right out under my 220+lbs. The amazing quietness of the motor was so soothing as i herd the livestock in the filds as i strode past. The one hill...A monster i thought loomed ahead,1/2 mi then 1/4 mi and i was on it.climbing the 1/2 mi long hill knowing it went up 260 higher than i was at the bottom.Yes i did pedal in top gear ever so lighly and maintined 16 mph. Topping out i set back and cruising 1/8 to 1/2 throttle to break the engine in. Riding seeing all the wildlife i had missed in that caged car.
Alas work loomed in the close now it seemed yes there it is the turn in as i ease the bike across the road coasing down to the entrance door. No parking way out here I have a bike i am allowed there. Climbing of im met by fellow workers all in curious agony to know of this wonderous machine. Many a tale was spun that day of all those who ventured a look at my machine.
See folks you to can arouse those around you to those times when they too rememebr that bike and freedom. I know I did.
Oh and the trip was only 30 min. as was the one home.What can i say but go do it I did.
Made my first commute too!

I made my first commute to work on my Whizzer today. It was 15 miles to work, and 17 miles home. The route taken home was longer to avoid a steep hill. It only took 45 minutes to get to work (it takes 25 in my car) and I didn't clock the time coming home. The Whizzer happily motored along at 25 to 30 mph for much of the trip. I didn't push it faster because it's not totally through its break-in period.
I parked the bike out front at work and you would have thought that I parked some exotic supercar there. The number of people who had to stop and take a look (and take pictures) was incredible. The number one question asked was, "How old is that bike?" (I added a number of retro features to my Whizzer) and the second most frequently asked question was, "How many miles per gallon does it get?"
I'm convinced that since gas is $4 plus (and not likely to go down) that the heyday of the motorized bike is just beginning.
I guess I'll join the party. I made my first commute to work. It was about 75 degrees (F) and was a nice, leisurely 3.5 mile ride. Of course, I'll get riding home while it's close to 100 degrees. Or possibly raining. I should have checked the weather before I left. I was just so dang excited to get out and ride it.

Oh well. Maybe I'll call it an early day and go home at lunch before the storms hit. :cool: