Flaming horse cylinder defect,who sells one that will work?

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    Greetings: New member RapidRoy from New Jersey USA here.I recently bought a flaming horse engine kit from Engines Online Shop.com. I ordered heavy duty engine mounts from several vendors since my frame is 1 5/8" front tube on a large 29er. My last engine was a RawMotors which I broke the rear mount studs with poor mounting.(good motor!) The flaming horse engine had 2 holes in the outer cylinder walls near the exhaust port.I noticed oil droplets which made me see these holes(bb size).30 days had gone by ,their warranty,before I got this thing done.I asked their rep.,R. Summers to sell me a cylinder,since my Raw cylinders 2 skirts are <1/8" longer and the lower cylinder mating deck under the fins is greater,about a 1/4" gap from cyl. bottom to crankcase. I asked Mr. summers where I could obtain a correct cylinder,he didn't know,and said their was no profit in engine parts? I offered him $35US, 10 over rose326a,and nationwide(Raw/GasBike). Do I have to get one and machine it,or am I just "beat " ? Help. Sorry 'bout the length of this !

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    These things have very poor quality castings, I've had several that had holes in the outer cylinder walls. The key is the inner cylinder liner. If yours looks good (the inside) I wouldn't worry about it at all. Your oil droplets are probably coming fron the head gasket. Tape some 220 sandpaper on a piece of plate glass, and sand the mating surfaces of the cylinder and head to get them perfectly flat. Also, get some good quality nuts for the head studs, the stock ones are crap and won't hold tension for long, then torque the head down (110 in.lb.) Welcome to the hobby and forum, you will develop a real love/hate relationship for these querky little engines.
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    That's so true, the love hate I've got two of them one runs perfect the other is newer going thru the wot bog phase the head and cyl don't mate I bought a better Head gasket and a couple of mainjets 66,64.I read in one of the posts that a guy had mused teflon tape I guess he twirled it and used it as a head gasket anyone know about that?
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    That is fairly common, as well as having holes in the cylinder casting where the head stud bolts pass through the cylinder.

    These casting defects do not affect the reliability or the operation of the engine.