For sale or trade - Titan motor, Titan trans, LFM sprocket adapter, etc

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    Stuck on a project, got grubee centermount only kit thinking I would be able to use my extra Titan (DAX) motor but shaft size is different.

    So I am cleaning out, I have the following items for sale, but would be willing to trade for a working Hua Sheng with 15.8 diameter x 33.5 mm shaft:

    1. UPDATE - Going to keep the Titan motor, would like to sell a brand new Grubee Stage III whopper stopper gear box, with clutch arrangment - complete. $25 + shipping.

    2. Titan 5:1 centrifugal clutch transmission (DAX). This is the geared one, the one you fill with oil. Works on a rear mount DAX setup, and I think it might also work on a DAX centermount. I have all but one of the mounting bolts (used it for something else) $20 with shipping.

    3. Complete DAX rear mount with clamps, torque strap, everything you need (minus motor and transmission). Some of the clamp bolts are not 8mm as they were replaced and I used a different size. The brass bushings keep wearing out on me, this is the problem I had with the kit. I am thinking it may be because I rebuilt it using 5/16" carriage bolts instead of 8mm that DAX supplies (try finding 8 mmm carriage bolts that long !) and the bearings couldn't "slop" enough to mate to the jackshaft appropriately. So the bearings are worn. 2+3 is a complete kit minus motor, I would sell the whole thing for $50 - cheap shipping. Otherwise the mount for $20 + shipping.

    About 2 and 3 above, despite the problems I had, I got almost 3K on the whole setup. DAX is great.

    4. LiveFastMotors clamp on sprocket adapter. I took it out of the box to size it on my wheel and that was it. All pieces are there, just not in original box (which was a shipping box anyway). I will sell it for $50 free shipping. Why pay LFM $65 + shipping ?

    5. I have a nice chrome suspension seat post that didn't fit a project (older schwinn frame a touch less than 22.2 mm diameter somehow). $15 with shipping.

    6. I have a bunch of old HT center mount 66 / 80cc motors (some are definitely larger bore - like 5 motors, with additional parts (new gaskets, a carb or two, magento's, etc.) Two of these motors I assembled from what I know to be good parts and they should work, although one has a stripped head bolt (6mm, I have 7mm threaded rod that I was going to use after rethreading it). I subsituted plumbers tape and it seems to hold tight. I will sell the whole "grab bag" of motors for $50 and ship as cheap as possible, but it would be heavy obviously.


    Chris Bush
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