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    Hi. First off, this site is great. Thanks for making this a great resource. I'm here because I want something to commute with in the summer in Pittsburgh. Unless it's not possible, it would be nice to stay within these parameters to keep the cost of registration down on a third vehicle and avoid inspection:
    What might make it impossible is my weight and the hills. I run about 260 and my commute is 15 miles each way over moderate grades (and that's modifying my route to avoid steep grades - it's Pittsburgh). The under 50cc part is more important than the horsepower part since they won't be able to check horsepower on the road. The 25 MPH isn't enforced too strictly, either, I think. I'd probably be bothered more, though, if I'm outrageously loud. I've been looking at Golden Eagle kits so far on cheap bikes and have checked out Spookytooth's bikes. I'm also tempted to try a homebrewed friction attempt to save money, but some practical part of me suggests I'd be sorry (the same part isn't so sure of commuting on an assisted bike in the first place). Anyway, here I am.

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc.
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    Welcome Friedlbug. Any motorizing option can be made to work well and attractively. Check out the gallery section of this forum for ideas. You'll find belt, chain, and friction drives done well, in any combination of rack, frame, front or rear mount you can imagine. Let your ingenuity loose :grin:
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    Friedlbug, Welcome to MBc ! Home of may answers, and awaiting your ideas.
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    Welcome. There is literally tons of information to be gotten here.
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
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    Welcome, fellow Pennsylvanian !

    In PA, all mopeds must be automatic trans (no manual clutch) and they must be registered and insured. That hasn't stopped me though. Just pedal whenever you see a cop. And keep your finger near the engine kill switch. I only ride the back roads, and so far no problems. On a legal moped, it would cost around 65. per year total for insurance and reg., but the coolness factor plummets drastically.
    Sorry, don't want to rain on your parade, but thought i'd give you a friendly "heads up."
    Transportation or not, these kits are cool. Get one anyway. :grin:
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    Thanks Alan. I know about the registration and insurance. I plan to comply. I don't want to go over 50cc because I don't want the yearly inspection. Now the clutch thing - we'll see. If the "transmission" doesn't have multiple speeds but has a manual clutch, it's not automatic?
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    Automatic means no manual clutch.(centrifugal clutch needed) Some kits have them.

    Let me know how you make out registering and insuring it. Didn't know you could make one of these legal here. What about the title for registering ? I hope you can. Even if you don't use it for commuting, it's still fun to sneak around. Legal or not. Have fun.
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    I'm finding that it may not be possible to register without a VIN, and wikipedia says that the fine is $160 for no registration - effectively meaning that assited bikes are not legal in PA. Hope that's not the case - still looking.

    I've changed my focus to Currie e-zip or possibley izip for an ebike. It's still not legal, but hopefully less risky.

    I love this state, but not the laws. This, state liquor stores, restricted Sunday beer distribution, no Sunday car sales, no Sunday hunting, the list goes on and on.
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    Don't let the laws get you down. I owned a Currie system since '01. Never got pulled over . It's the gas that gets their attention. I own a gas, and just ordered another. My way of staying out of trouble is keeping to the secondary roads, and crossing every busy intersection with my legs doin' the fake pedal dance. A few weeks ago, I had to do a quick engine cut and pedal right passed a police van. They never even noticed me.
    If you weren't commuting, you could easily own one and get away with it. Going 15 miles every day might attract attention though.
    Yes, some of our laws suck. At least beer distributors are now open on Sunday. And they finally are allowed to accept VISA/MC.

    Another thought. If the bike were registerable, and you failed to register it, that would be a fine, agreed. But if it can't be, despite your effort, doesn't that put it in the same category as a golf cart, or powerchair ?
    Another thought. If wheelchairs are legal, can I put a 70cc on one ? Maybe we need to trick out a few.
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    As I understand it, unregistered motor vehicles need a specific exemption, i.e. power wheelchairs, to even be permitted on the road. That's why motor scooters are either motorcycles here or not permitted.
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    Massive frustration with this site.
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    are you frstrated with the site or just noticing all the venting?
    Here's my city ordinance in Texas

    I always wear my helmet and drive reponsibily. The gas station I buy my beer at is across the street from the Municipal complex City hall/FD/PD. They all point and laugh when I ride off with a 12 pack on my bike rack.
    I wish you the best of luck. Is there something else you needed help with?
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    Don't let the changing of the guard here at this site doesn't chase you away. Lots of good people here that are willing to help. Oh and BTW welcome.

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    welcome to MBc..happy trails and good luck on all your endeavors...