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    My name is Greg, I'm from Southern Illinois. I am a previous bike shop owner and have just purchased an "80cc" 2 cycle kit. I was looking for tips and advice and came across this site. It absolutely rocks!! and is family friendly! Looking foward to picking ya'lls brains as I am a novice with 2 cycles.:grin:

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    Welcome to the fun

    Just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the growing number of folks who browse through and then get involved. A wealth of info and tons of free advice (help) here.
    I am from Alton, Il. and just getting started in the fun. The best advice I can give you is to start a notebook of the articles, or else bookmark them. I see something I like or remember seeing something somewhere and then have a devil of a time finding it again.
    Good luck with your project and our hobby.

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    Thanks for the reply. I live in Galatia (approx 2hrs from you) I'll be using my bike to commute to work. Ive not done a search yet but I'm trying to decide the most effecient bike to use for my project, any ideas? (I have several left over from my shop from road bikes to cruisers). I'm thinking of using an aluminum frame hardtail mountain bike with a lockout fork and 1.50" slicks.
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    Just wanted to say hello, from Austin, Indiana, just north of louisville, Kentucky, im looking forward to meeting people with cool scoots! I will be starting mine soon!! ttyl