fuel line

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7:18 PM
Jun 25, 2008
so the fuel line that was sent with my china kits it not fuel compatible.
I was riding in to work for the fourth day in a row ( did I mention I love this thing?) and I was cooking right long with it.... all of a sudden I started loosing power so I pulled over to look for a problem, the fuel line is all sweeled up on the ends and leaking I think I am pulling air, so it is off to the motorcycle shop for decent fuel line (later I might make a custom hardline)

also I think I am going to get some pvc and make a tool box
Go to the auto parts store 5/16 fuel line is cheap. Mc store will rob you. At least the kawi ones do.
does anyone run steel braided hose with AN fittings for the fuel line?

overkill, but it looks cool!
All of the fuel lines from my bike kits leaked fuel at the carburetor. I used a small zip tie as a hose clamp and stopped the leakage. I might try the steel braded stuff. Good idea. Looking cool is a good thing! :)
ok, next problem, I was riding to the parts store and I developed a heck of a vibration... the rear motor mount came apart ( studs pulled from the block) so I am now going down for a 1/4-20 tap, some grade 8s and loctite. I will make this thing reliable yet