Gas tank has threads on outside

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    I ordered a new gas tank and it comes to me with threads on the outside ..the petcock is supposed to screw into the hole..i dont get it...the petcock didnt come with it...I have my own..they sent it with nothing else..any ideas what to buy to get the petcock on? or should i make my own threads?

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  2. Purple Haze

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    That looks to me like someone has installed a piece of threaded pipe into the female fitting, making it appear to be a male fitting. Do the old double nut trick and see if it comes out.
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  3. crassius

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    these are the modified tanks that come with many of the kits now

    the petcock that fits them has a reserve feature that is nice, but the best thing is that the external threads have a rubber seal and never leak and never have a problem getting the lever to turn to just the right place for easy access

    get the petcock that goes with it and you'll be very happy with it
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  4. RoadDawg

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    Try Treatland TV for a petcock, thread I think was 14mm x 1
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