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    Corn juice is bad for small engines.

    So, what's a guy to do? I've seen mention of racing fuels and done some looking.

    Anybody using them? How about a blend? Sunoco 260 GT 100 is available at few locations in my area, is "street legal" unleaded and I'm wondering if there would be any benefit?

    What are your thoughts on this fuel issue?

  2. kerf

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    10% ethanol doesn't seem to bother mine other than cutting power. In the mean time, write your Congressman & Senator and tell them you want off shore drilling, Arctic drilling and revoking of the ethanol mandate. All of this stuff is stupid and only in place because politicians want to pander to minorities (greenies).
  3. low power, lower milage, and I would add a little extra oil if you are a two cycle rider . the higher alchol content fuels will wipe the cylender walls of some of the oil.:p