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  1. venerablechicken

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    Hello all. After losing my licence :???: someone i know was selling a motored bike which has come in so handy the last few weeks. And with all the really helpful information on this site i have been able to get my bike working so much better!!! (I think but am not sure that i have HT 80cc?? but do not know for sure).
    The only real annoying thing about mine is the ridiculous levels of vibration from this engine (is this normal?) and as i'm building mine nto a proper bike frame i'm going to make some engine mounts somewhat akin to car engine mounts to try to lessen the vibrations. Will post some pics when done.

  2. stude13

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    howdy; many times it is the drive chain and gear.
  3. venerablechicken

    venerablechicken New Member

    True! Is there a post on this somewhere and how to reduce/fivibrationsx this? I keep getting off the bike all numb from the vibrations and everything keeps coming loose (will be loctiteing everything shortly) but the new frame is an alloy one and dont want it cracking due to vibrations
  4. grummy

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    And an cushy saddle too ^^
  5. sir-les

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    do you need to use the heavy duty locktite or will any grade do?
  6. terrence

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    Welcome venerablechicken. It takes a while to work the kink's out. Enjoy the ride.
    Wow, cool how did you come of that name. Sounds like a handle that has a story
    behind it.
  7. BoltsMissing

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    Do you have a pic of the bike your building ?

    All the Best