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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by KevinK, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. KevinK

    KevinK Member

    GEBE seems to have very poor customer service. I have had 3 failures with the parts of the kit. 2 of those very minor but the third the failure of the main motor mount strut.
    GEBE's policy seems to be that everything is the customer's fault untill you prove otherwise. Also, one must pay shipping both ways in any transaction no matter who's fault.
    I will post picx on my blog of my failed parts.
    So, GEBE owners or potential owners please be aware of these policies....


  2. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Mount support broke ??

    Wow where did the mount crack at... Man mine is like super strong.
    Wonder if they changed the design ??
    I have really only had one problem with mine, 2 of the fuel tank mounting bolts fell out while I was riding. I replaced them and used lock tight.
    Also I now check all bolts once a month !!!!!
    But other than that the gebe has been trouble free...
    And super smooth !!!!
  3. augidog

    augidog New Member

    the only failure with the main mounting-strap i've ever seen is breakage at 1 of the 2 holes on top...usually due to loose nuts or very-very poor alignment...

    personally, i've seen a miniscule percentage of problems with gebe parts prove out to be defective versus install or operation mistakes. i've never seen a defective mounting-strap at all, ever.

    posting pics here would be helpful.

    and i'm positive there's more to the story about poor service than you're relating...juls may seem gruff and tuff, but she's not about getting over on people. based on the few details in your post, i'll guess you were done a favor by having these parts replaced for ONLY shipping costs.
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  4. KevinK

    KevinK Member

    nothing ever replaced

    A spring that holds the tensioner broke. I bought a new one at ace. No big deal. The plastic engine cover broke. Not needed but I was told that there was a redesign. I don't need this part.
    now the main engine support cracked not at the bolt holes but where it bends. The engine bolts were checked often.
    The parts are on the way now to GEBE for there inspection. I will post pics of the failures on my blogsite. However if a part is defective they should at least pay shipping with the replacement back. So I so far have had no service whatsoever. Just saying...
    Either way I need the main engine support bracket.

  5. augidog

    augidog New Member

    spring broke so fast? i have no guess or explaination for that one...mine last thousands of miles, even with my off-center handcut drive-ring giving it a real thrashing.

    i don't use a cover...but i know they could use a little beefing the same token, i have seen some of them last a good long time under mellow conditions.

    if a strap broke anywhere other than a hole, i'd think faulty part alright...if that's the case, i say count on satisfactory resolution based on my experience. the couple times i or my compadres needed warranty help, we were not charged shipping for the replacement item.

    i have no clue how things went between you & the office, but your post suggests some tension...julia has seen & heard it all, and will require proof...but give her benefit of doubt that she won't shirk or dodge responsibility to the customer in the long run.

    i know you want your bike up & running, nobody can help you relax about that, but try to be patient...i think it will work out.

    please, keep us posted.
  6. KevinK

    KevinK Member


    Pix and comments on my blog.
    Honestly I am not mad at all. They just do not seem to want to work with me on getting this part to me.
    I seem to be untrustworthy.
    If I need to pay for the part fine. Take my personal check or my charge card without the paypal bull****.
    Take a look at my high rez pics and tell me what you think.

  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    well, you seemed mad...the "poor service" comments imo are a bit premature for the situation...if i understand correctly they don't yet have the parts for inspection? the past i have pre-purchased the replacement part (tanaka gastank w/factory flaw) and then recieved prompt credit when they assertained it was in fact defective.

    at times, i have even been given a bonus for my trouble & time...i know others have, also.

    could you not make an online creditcard purchase of the strap? that would be news to me if not.

    granted, i've done a lot of business with GEBE, so i am prolly more relaxed about such matters than a new customer would be...but you'll be treated purchasing (of anything) does have it's pitfalls for the buyer, such as return shipping costs & delays...drives me crazy sometimes, too.

    but, Golden Eagle will not burn you.

    re: my comments on the damage...truthfully, i'd want to see pics before disassembly before forming an opinion.
  8. KevinK

    KevinK Member

    Won't take my credit card with a 20000 dollar balance. Won't take a personal check till it clears for two weeks. I have to get a bank check. Huge hassel for me.
    What is on my blog is what happened so that others can be aware. I will put a personal check in the mail tommorow and then wait two weeks for my part. No buddy I deal with does business this way Augi...
    Just saying. I need the part so I guess I have to play there game. So, I guess I have to drive 60 miles round trip to the bank for that check plus a couple days for it to get there and a couple of days to get it back. I asked them to just send me the part and will settle up. If its my fault fine I'll pay. But know no slack whatsoever just to get me back on the road. That's poor customer service. And to put it to you as you put it to me I would never "screw over" GEBE. No business relationship possible here I guess.
    So bottom line I have to waste a bunch of time over this.

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  9. augidog

    augidog New Member

    not much else i can say, Kevin...

    it just seemed like you may be summing up a situation that hasn't run its' course yet...noone i've ever done business with online has ever fronted me replacement parts.
  10. BiMoPed

    BiMoPed New Member

    I know of several instances where has sent out replacement parts upon just seeing pics of a defective part.
    They did not require the defective part to be sent back and did not charge for shipping.
    Also BikeMotorParts has service on this level....and even EZ Motorbike has sent parts
    quickly without getting the defective parts back first with no shipping charges.

    I saw the pics and that part was defective. Get him back on the road!

    If they have PayPal they should be able to take a CC or just send a
    Postal Money order. They are as good as cash.
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  11. KevinK

    KevinK Member

    First I want to say that I really really love the GEBE system for a 335 mile weekly commute. I still believe that this is one of the best systems out there. But I just do not get there policies. I will complain on my blog site about this policy. I will have a bank check in the mail for the part. I need the part to be back on the road.
    Well, I am an ultra cyclist so I am using the pedal bike for 66 miles per day the last few days with our great weather!
    I think that with there great product this is an arrogant policy. Any new competitors care to step up with an equal product? Me thinks this might need to happen just saying...and what I have seen out there this is the best most reliable kit on the market.
    so, send me one of your kits. I am a Mo/fo as far as an a!@##le as far as reviewing junk products.
    I ride around on a high end Orbea road bike. The carbon cracked. I had a replacement frame no questions asked in 4 days. I sent in the one that failed and guess what? It went back to Spain for there engineers to look at since so few failed. I was not blamed nor questioned. The local bike shop provided a bike for me to ride in the mean time. That is customer service that I am used to.
    Well as the cadillac of the MB industry I have been treated to some arrogance.
    So buyers that is the deal if ya consider dealing with this company.

  12. augidog

    augidog New Member

    whether it's because they're still in the developemental stage or simply moving a product known for failure, some makers & sellers know they're gonna be replacing a lot of parts...and consider it a pre-condition, an "acceptable" cost of doing business. no, i'm not going (any further) down that road.

    GEBE's record speaks for itself...i do wish they could solve the cracking-cover issue, but i don't blame them in the least for being dubious of claims of actual mechanical or structural defect.

    KevinK, you posted elsewhere on MBc: "lots of pounding on the roads at 30mph..."

    only one guy i ever knew could BREAK gebe stuff, and that is "beach crusin"...he's a hard rider, a curb-jumper, who puts tons of miles on his MB. he has broken straps, heck he's broken a lot of stuff, he doesn't blame anyone when it happens. i contend that a truly-defective mounting strap would have made itself known LONG before 1000 miles of "pounding"...i sorta think Golden Eagle feels the same way. Dennis will know if the part is defective, Juls will send a replacement (or issue a credit) if that's the case.

    speaking of credit, i just tested the checkout at GEBE and was able to "purchase" a strap with my very-limited mastercard debit, so it's unlikely a credit card with a 20K limit would fail.

    all i'm saying is there is almost always more to a "poor service" story than the consumer is willing to disclose...this may or may not be the case here, but knowing the GEBE team as well as i do, i have my personal doubts.
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  13. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Lets all take a pause in the disscussion....... this has taken a turn away from support and services to vendor bashing and vendor overpromotion.
  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    let's be clear...i am NOT a vendor, and haven't been for a long time...i am merely a friend and very satisfied customer.
  15. KevinK

    KevinK Member


    I do indeed have 1500 plus commuter miles on this kit. My average speed is right around 25 mph. I pedal assist a lot to help the motor and also to get a work out. IMO this is light duty use for this beefy Gary Fisher mountain bike. I always have the engine throttled back to protect it.
    I called my local credit union once again and GEBE certianly has permission to use the card. The problem with the card is on there end.
    If the use and amount of miles that I put on this bike is an issue than the part needs to be redesigned. I am more than willing to be a guenea pig with this issue. So, now there saying there is a life span to this critical part?
    Fine, I am busy right now but I will have a check in the mail for the part plus shipping and handling.
    So, your saying that lets say every 1500 miles or so I need to replace this part as a wear and tear item?
    If that's the case I am totally willing to work with GEBE on this issue and also I am willing to test a beefier product design. However, hopefully GEBE will let me know of any other parts that need replacement also. I know the belt is a ware item also and possibly the belt ring.
    My interest here is to get back on the road as soon as possible not to bash this company. There product is awesome. Lets just call it a misunderstanding.
    If they are going to work with me I plan to work with them on this issue.
    If its a ware item its a ware item. They should have the parts by Friday via US postal for them to inspect.

  16. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    You made this post in the incorrect forum, Please be sure to read the forum descriptions when you post.

    I apologize for the misunderstanding. The original thread was of the length that I just wished for a pause in the disscussion, so that I could review it.
  17. augidog

    augidog New Member

    you got 1500 out of a belt & gear, you're doing something right alright. the drive-gears and belts are "consumables" and lifespan is entirely dependant on alignment and riding-style. the drive-rings can last practically forever, especially when factory installed on a velocity wheel. the broken strap, i'm trying to say, is unusual, but rough-riding CAN cause breakage...never personally had to replace a strap, even after 10,000+ miles.

    upon reflection, there is one thing may cause a break like yours: let's say we catch a little bit of the seat-stay or other "bumpy-bit" under where the strap is secured against the dropout... the axle-nut should be holding the mount's leg perfectly flush to the, if we force a bit of twist, no matter how small, into the leg, i could see it eventually causing a break at exactly that spot. food for thought.
  18. KevinK

    KevinK Member


    The mount is rock solid holding that engine strap on to that Velocity wheel. BTW, my Gary Fisher CR-7 is one of the stiffest bike frames on the planet! There is no movement under the saddle with this frame.
    The alignment is really good and there is very little bobbing of the tensioner arm. I thought that I did a really good job with this build but who knows. Go over to my blog and look at my pix's of my build. Maybe there's something there I did wrong. Bottom line was it was kind of scary when the bracket failed. I am looking to get back on the road as soon as possible. The Belt and gear seem like new so far but I plan on a new hwy gear soon and also a replacement belt to throw on when this one wears out. We will probably never get to the bottom of it. I will just pay for a new part. I need the bike up and running. Whatever Denis decides over at GEBE I will abide by.
    Also, sorry to the mod for posting in the wrong section. It was unintentional.
    I know that its just a cost of commuting with this kit. Minor really compared to a car!
    If Dennis is working on something that needs a test don't hesitate to send it my way. If I can't break it I guess no one can....

  19. augidog

    augidog New Member

    to clarify...if there's any irregularity (like the end of a stay, or a lug) that prohibits a trueflat fit of strap to dropout, it will twist the strap a bit.

    speaking of belts...always keep a spare belt pre-strung and zip-tied out of the'll thank us for that advice someday.

    if budget allows, can we run a real-time test? are you willing to try an online credt-card purchase of a spare belt and gear? then, if there's a problem, you could email juls the error message.

    Stan4d, good call on the moderation, thank you. i had meant to ask what's up with the feldman avatars? and don't you dare say "what avatar?" ;)
  20. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    "Hump? What hump?"

    Merry Early Christmas to All.......
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