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Jul 29, 2010
san diego ca,
Friction drive Honda g35 kit on as Schwinn Protocol Dual Suspension Mountainbike
Had a very good experience with it , never broke down, used it for 400mile. Max speed 24-25 on flats, 150 mpg. I'm 160 lbs. Started reading more about performance and I came across a Golden Eagle kit.

Golden Eagle #13 gear with Honda G35
Very dependable, never broke down, performance increased with max speed of 29 to 30 on flats, 180 mpg mostly WOT , have to pedal on hills. Twice made a trip from San Diego to LA, 230 miles round trip. Took 5 hours of fun each way along beautiful Southern California coast. Golden eagle is a very quite drive train. Just be careful of the belt. My first belt only lasted about 1k cause I did not center it properly. My bad. I would also suggest whoever decided on a gebe kit to make a template of the lower engine strap. This strap gets out of form over time such that even if you follow the golden eagle instruction on centering the belt, it will never center cause the lower engine strap is out of form. You can use this template as a guide to adjust the strap to its original form. Of course to begin with its very important to follow gebe's instruction on how to properly align the belt in the beginning. We have some steep hill in san diego, and I tried to use my bike on all my errand, bought I trailer and shop at costco, walmart, or grocery. I decided to non-op my car and cancel my car insurance. I am sports car guy . But this MB is just so much more fun and way cheaper. Just borrow my wife's or teenage daughter's car if items will not fit my bike.I have put about 1200 miles on the Gebe Honda set up. The gebe is a very well engineered kit, Made In Ameria. I agree with all the people that have given review on gebe site. I cannot complain with the service Dennis and Julia. I need more power. Sometimes its hard to see your needs until you have experienced it .I heard good things about the tanaka engine 40cc.
Gebe with #14 gear and Tanaka 40.
This power is addictive, glad got the Tan 40 instead of the 35. Perfomance is about 34 mph top speed on flats. Can do about 36 if I tuck myself in for aerodynamic. What made a difference other than top speed is on the hills where the Honda can only do 20 with hard pedaling, Tanaka can do 27 to 29 no pedaling on the same hill. Lots of torque. The engine pulls hard thoughout the rpm range.Mpg down to 130 mpg on mostly WOT The Honda to Tanaka engine switch is very well worth it, especially for my use as a primary transportation. MY only gripe is the Honda is a lot more quite, the Tanaka is more on the loud side. I have to wear earplug. But I will wear the earplugs every time just to get the power .So far about 1000 miles. The Tanaka seemed to pull harder and higher top speed at this mileage

Staton( staton inc) has new drive 6 speed chain drive on an outside gearbox .Ordered one from Dave coming next week.
Time to add high perfomance engine upgrade that include HP carb, juice box, hp filter kit and a custom made pipe from jetpro ( a pipe specialist. His pipe is more quite but also add perfomance. This can add 1.5hp to the existing 2.2 hp on the Tanka 40. HP parts coming this week

Ultimate goal: Being able to accelerate faster, 33 to 37 cruising speed, do 42 to 45 when the road calls for it, means when it safe to do it in( wide open road). Im quite confident multi gearing and engine mods can accomplish this.

Thanks to Dinno Jetpro owner and Dave form Staton in for the excellent customer service and sticking with Made In America. Staton offers lifetime warranty on their drive and Jetpro gives a lifetime warranty on their pipe.

I will post the perfomance results next week.


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