GEBE Kit, with heavy duty 10g aluminum wheel

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    I had to re-list this in order to remove the price from the title. I'm re-listing this at $275. This is a great buy...This kit and wheel would cost over $450 new.

    I'm selling a GEBE kit with no motor. It has a 76mm clutch, standard drive gear. Everything is included that you need to mount to your motor. Included is the drive ring, drive belt and 26" aluminum velocity wheel with stainless steel 10g spokes. I bought the kit used to fit to my bike, but it didn't fit the bike I wanted to use, so decided to to remove the motor and use a friction drive instead. The plastic cover is missing and the throttle lever is broken. Other than those 2 items everything else is in good shape. $275 Buyer pays shipping. PM me if interested. I can estimate UPS freight with your zip code.

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    Plastic cover is missing, can it be ordered from GEBE?

    I assume lever can.

    Please quote me shipping to zip 34654

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    Bumping this thread....Anyone interested? This is an awesome deal. I'm surprised no one has jumped on this. Has the GEBE lost it's shine? Feedback?
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    I did inquire by PM about this deal, so I have (had) an interest in GEBE drive, not trying to just run my mouth around it.

    Personally I think your deal is sweet (the heavy duty wheel included).

    In my humble opinion GEBE has at least two flaws:

    Lots of MB enthusiast including me think GEBE is overpriced.

    After all it is all plastic, limited application (no 50 cc engines) for about the same $$$ you can buy a Statton chain drive which is perhaps noisy but it is all metal, bulletproof, lifetime replacement warranty, you can't kill it, more compact, easier for "stealth" enthusiast, easier to sell, I watched this board, the Statton boxes for sale never lasted long unsold.

    Both GEBE and Statton can not be disengaged on the fly. to use pedal power, in the situations where using MB becomes gray or illigal:

    In my case I love to ride on sidewalks which are plenty in my area of 6 lane roads, all have sidewalks for pedestrians, but I never seen a pedestrian using them, even hookers don't use them sidewalks, they prefer being more visible walking on the edge of right lane of 6 way highway LOL.
    I refuse to ride my bike on the six lane highway cause the deadly combination of local hicks and Yankee tourist cagers will run you off the road or kill you if you ride any bike motorized or not.

    Also I want to use my MB on many Florida bike trails intending to do some pedaling but if I need motor assist I want to be able to do it legally or not the stealth way.

    GEBE has a reputation of reaping the spokes, also it is limited by design (ring and spokes) to engines below 50cc.

    I thing GEBE is a great light setup for touring, and commuting providing you do not weigh to much, and /or do not carry too much weight and you do not us Honda 50cc Huasheng or Titan50 cc engine.

    It seems GEBE is not easy to sell second hand, just watching this board for last few years, which means it does not hold the value well, being overpriced to begin with.

    My 2 cents whatever they are worth.
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    Good feedback...Except you don't need to disengage when you want to use pedal power. The engine has a centrifugal clutch and the engine drag is minimal. The spokes are 105g stainless steel and aren't going to break.
    I'm open to an offer.
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    i want the kit. pm sent.
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    Gebe Time !!!