Generic Chinese 49cc 2-stroke goped style engine?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by spoom, Jun 30, 2008.

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    Does anyone have any experience with the generic Chinese 49cc pull-start 2-stroke goped style engines? They are available on a number of websites starting at about $100, here is one of them:

    I'm looking to build a rack-style kit on my mountain bike, but I can't find any info on this particular style of engine. If someone could point me to the specs, hp/tq, what this engine is compatible with or a copy of, etc., I would be most grateful.

    Thanks in advance.

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    this is the one i am eyeballing, with the transmission it is reasonably priced @ $135.00 + shipping . just fab a mount, match a chain, sprocket, & throttle assembly. out of stock now.just my luck
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    You've asked the right guy! That engine is a clone of a Mitsubishi TLE43, staton inc. already build what you are talking about:, try that for inspiration. The engines true displacement is 43cc, they are one of the quietest small 2 stroke engines, and are commonly used in chinese midi moto's (the larger pocket bikes) petrol scooters, mini choppers, petrol skateboards etc.

    Heres a video of one to show you the sound:, you can barely hear its a stroker.

    Some other shots of one: this is an unusual link, there seems to be another frame mount engine, very similiar to the russian D6 engine. (these are the what the chinese happy times copied) The description says that the engines were russian tank ac generators, maybe this is the origin of the happy time??

    Anyway, these engines are more reliable that the chinese pocket bike engines, and parts are readily available for them from many go ped shops.

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    Has anyone heard of any problems with the pull starter cord breaking? I read a couple of instances of this happening when I did a search for XG-499 scooters (which come from the factory with this engine?)

    Thanks for the good info!
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    Yep, that does happen, but more frequently it is the plastic mechanism inside that turns the starter plate, you give it a hard yank before it has engaged and you will snap the plastic to pieces. Shocking really that the factory hasn't replaced them with metal, that is usually an aftermarket part. I usually find that this is the first thing to break, but the rope isnt much better. And it is not easy to replace the rope, you have to undo the thing with out the spring bursting out. (a 2 metre long razor sharp steel ribbon wound into a tight little bundle) I found out this the hard way on one of the happy time pull starts (only lasted about a week!).

    The engines are very basic and relatively low compression so dont have as many things to catastrophically go wrong.

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    hi; thanks i just bought one for 99. in catalog they have parts that everyone can use, like $19.50 76mm clutch. thanks spoom. mitch
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    Do you know whether or not the genuine Mitsu engine use the same cheap plastic setup?

    Can you let us know about how satisfied you are with your purchase when it arrives and after you've had a chance to try it?
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    Used on a BladeZ Moby...

    I'm quite familiar with this Mitzu knock-off...bought a 43cc that was a replacement for Tanaka for the last run of the BladeZ stand-up scooters. It is a pretty peppy little engine that can be re-built as a 43 or 49cc with a cheap kit off of eBay. The only problem I found with them is when they have a few thousand miles on them, they don't pull the hills like when they were new. The seals in the crankcase...brings the compression right back up again. Not bad for a China 2-stroke, but not the best either. Pretty fast with the right mods and a good pipe!