Glad I don't buy my groceries from MB vendors.

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  1. Hope this don't go straight to the woodshed but it's the truth...3/5 vendors I have purchased from have been pretty bad sent a 48cc instead of 80cc (66cc) and only offered store credit after making me take pictures to proove what they sent me...second purchase was very good couldn't have been better got what I ordered in good time and it worked as advertised...third purchase was $380 ekit that burnt up in about 100 miles I now have a nice set of batteries and a very strong ring of magnets no more lost boits in the grass LOL...4th purchase I have to say was not much better no supporting parts that the site gives to install 4 stroke engine work with the smaller 32cc 4 stroke (I'm tryin to stay legal Texas has under 40cc reg now) the 5th vendor is likely to have won my future purchases for a lot of reasons

    Bottom line I do like MB they are fun but how much are you supposed to have to pour into them to get a good working setup? I have spent a ton of money as an EU with computers eventually becoming a tech if that industry had the same record I would have never became a network admin IMO.

    Resolutions that would have made me a happy customer:

    1st build gimme the $20 back on my debit card U thiefs

    2nd build no complaints

    3rd build you can have it

    4th build all ya have to do to avoid this in the future is put information about the 32cc engine not mounting as your 4 stroke instructions say and recomend a friction drive. This vendor did take time to talk over the phone and email but was about 2 weeks after I ordered I am informed of jackshaft options or friction drive.

    5th vendor is where I got my friction drive kit was fast delivering and has also spent time via phone and email giving free consulting.

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    too many take the $$$ and then don't ever want to hear from us again :(
    I had a few bad customer service experiences as well

    BTW, I am proud to give local, face-to-face service to my customers :)
    (one of the selling points IMHO)
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    Meaningless post without you naming the vendors.
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    Nothing maningless about this post.I agree many vendors are sneaky.But there are some good ones out there,And george In texas.I feel your pain brother.To be honest.If you are gonna build a bike and It has to be under 40 cc's.I would build my own and know It was done right.That's one reason I do not live In texas.When a 49 cc Is Illegal there Is something wrong with that picture and mindset.Check out mother earth news,and dygo carts and pick up some Ideas on how to build your own and save time and money.China h.t. engines designed to tear up so you have to buy another one.Plain truth.A vendor told me this on here but due to legal ramifications.I will not state who told me this.After 2 bad engines,reniged warranty.And now on my 3rd which has held up for 1100 miles so far.I came to realize you get what you pay for.
  6. I want to appologise to one vendor in particular...Pirate cycles. I have never bought from him yet he sent me a damp pro kit close to Christmas and I have never seen 1 person gripe about his service. I try hard not to do carp like this I'd much rather praise than criticese but this whole industry seems wroght with playing on one's idea of having kid like fun in life. It's a lot like meeting up with a childhood sweetheart you are almost willing to pay anything to make it work and they know it. Every once in a while you get lucky tho...statoninc has plenty of <40cc kits and having bought the friction drive and seeing the quality of workmanship he likely has my future business I'd pay a markup to buy his products thru pirate tho. Justin has a good heart IMO I hope he continues to do well.