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    Hello all,

    I will be a manufacturer of 300 mpg motorized velomobiles (motorized/human powered vehicle with a body or set of fairings).

    I have a very simplistic web page up for communication's sake. A professioanlly developed site will be up after product development is complete. It can be seen at GoblinMotors.com

    For now, I want to be on this forum as a regular member until my product development is complete.

    I am a business man, sculptor, mold maker, industrial designer, and fiberglass products manufacturer. I have also competed in the World Human Powered Speed Championships in 2003.

    I ride recumbent bicycles and tricycles.

    I know what its like to survive being hit hard by a full size truck back in '97. I barely survived that one!

    I look forward to receiving input about my product ideas. My current challenge is to find satisfaction from an engine/mount supplier. I had a horrible experience with Dimension Edge and believe that I've found a better supplier in Staton-Inc.com, but they have been so busy that they have stopped answering their phones and returning emails. I have been waiting a couple of MONTHS to get my motor kit from them, just like I waited for MONTHS to get my first horrible kit from Dimension Edge.

    Hopefully, I'll get a response from Staton soon. Their geared box looks like a good system.


  2. terrence

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    Welcome GoblinAero! Sounds like you will be a great fit here. Keep up the great work.
  3. SimpleSimon

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    Welcome to MBc. Just read your offering on the website you linked, and whilst interesting, there isn't enough hard info there to prompt even further inquiry. One picture?

    Still, since you've popped up here, I'll say this - I wish you the very best of success. Your msrp is completely out of my range, and I vastly prefer a tadpole design to a delta. Good luck.
  4. GoblinAero

    GoblinAero Member

    The website is just to have basic communication

    As I had stated, "I have a very simplistic web page up for communication's sake. A professioanlly developed site will be up after product development is complete. It can be seen at GoblinMotors.com".

    Thank you for the welcome... I have enjoyed reading some of your posts.

    The delta trike is ideal due to its ride height in traffic, narrow track, suspended frame, and affordability. It is far more stable than even I thought it would be.

    The MSRP has to be high to accomodate the composite construction of the custom fairings. No matter how low I make the price, this product will be of limited production. The price has to pay for American labor, tooling, composite construction, painting, and shipping.

    The target market for the product is folks who have lost their license (or don't have one) and need to have a legal way to drive around quickly, get to work, and get groceries. They also need to get to work with protection from the elements. Optional side doors/curtains will be available that are made from fabric to offer protection from rain and cold air.

    There's a long way to go to finish, but there's a large market out there for the GoblinAero and similar products. 1.4 million drivers receive DUI tickets yearly, with a majority of them losing their license. I've never lost my license in that situation, but a friend of mine has and he inspired my idea.

    I am looking forward to getting my new motor and gearbox from Staton! I think it'll be the right way to go.

  5. stude13

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    it sounds like a bonneville entrant
  6. SimpleSimon

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    Sounds good, goblin. I'm completely self-taught when it comes to any form of engineering, and may well have several serious errors in my comprehension. That said, I prefer a tadpole recumbent or semi-recumbent design because, in my limited experience conventional upright delta designs suffer from severe cornering issues at any significant speed.

    I have designed both delta and tadpole recumbent trikes intended for human power and/or motor assist - one each of which is a full suspension ride. Vector sum analysis shows that the safest place for the CG on any trike is at or below the axle heighth line of the largest wheel(s). Balanced against that is the safety issue of visibilty - both for the rider in negotiating road surfaces, and other drivers in seeing the trike. A vehicle which corners on a dime and gives nine cents change is great, but not if it is effectively invisible.

    Another issue of concern is the enormously confused legal situation involving first; just what is a bicycle?; and second, is that motorized thing a bicycle, a motor-assisted bicycle, a moped, a motorcycle, or undefined?; thirdly, does the state in which the purchaser resides allow or require registration/insurance?

    For example, Louisiana does not include tricycles under its definition of a bicycle. What the law does address here is an autotricycle, and that is a whole different beastie.
  7. GoblinAero

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    I understand what you mean.

    I was never a delta fan.

    My first concern was visibility in traffic (safety), then affordability, and then comfort. When I rode the EZ3 HD (formerly USX) I was blown away by how hard I could corner without getting it onto 2 wheels! The thing is incredibly stable at speed in a corner... FAR more so than you think. Even when you get it onto 2 wheels it is controllable and doesn't throw you. You would have to do something intentional to get this this to do you wrong. The other nice thing about delta is the braking. Both rear wheels brake at the same rate. Many tadpoles have different brakes for each front wheel, requiring interesting modulation of the levers in a braking emergency. The EZ3 HD also has a 400 lb. carrying capacity, making it ideal to mount extra stuff to like a motor kit, composite body, and heavy rider. The wheels on the thing are super heavy duty.

    You are correct about the legal issues being confusing. I have to allow for potential purchasers to make sure, on their own, that the vehicle is allowed in their area. For the most part, trikes fall under the same rules as bicycles. The power supply freewheels so that it can be ridden without the power adder being used. With the motor off, it is still just a bicycle product. If the motor is not running, is it power assisted? Some would say no, some would say yes.

    Here in Arizona, the law defines the GoblinAero as a moped if it has a 50cc motor and requires insurance and license/registration. It allows for a 25 mph top speed on flat land, yet requires that you not impede traffic by going to slow (more ambiguities). If it were to have a motor smaller than 50cc, it would not be a moped, but it would be a motorized bicycle having a 20mph top speed allowed on flat land. No license/registration or insurance required. Purchasers will be able to order with the 50cc moped version, or the 35cc motorized bicycle version. Both will be Honda motors.

    It will be up to the purchaser to determine their needs and compatibility with local laws.

    In most areas, an adult who has lost their license to a DUI/DWI (or just plain doesn't have one) will be able to ride the 35cc version legally, without insurance and registration/license.

    It will be interesting to see what kinds of folks take an interest in the GoblinAero! Some will be from the alternative transportation crowd (me), some will have lost their licenses, and some will be freakish fans of neon green. =)

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