Pull Start Good Pull Starts, Where to buy?

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by pucksterpete, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. pucksterpete

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    I am trying to find a place that sells good Pull Starts for HT's. I have read some post on here about them breaking a lot. But, I believe the Pull Starts have improved since then. So, anyone out there with a good one? Where did ya get it? Also, anyone make their own? Thanks for your time.


  2. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Good luck, the ones I've bought failed regularly. There is a rumor that an improved one is coming soon. I wonder who will be the first to sell it.
  3. motorpsycho

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    try nowhere...the ones made for the h.t. engines ALL break.
    Unless someone has made an improved one, I have never seen one that will last for more than a couple of days.
    I don't even bother with a pull start, they are nothing but a hassle.
  4. wbuttry

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    Aman brother......................................................
  5. bikerer ron

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    pull starterd

    Just face it thay will brake the best thing to do is when you get one is
    take it apart and rewine the spring and replace the rope < a kit from
    Lowes or Home Depot >or cable < use a brake cable >.:idea:
  6. Skyliner70cc

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    Replacing the pull rope is mandatory or you will be faced with a broken one after several pulls. With the rope replaced, all of mine have been somewhat reliable with one failing when the spring broke off at the end. I fixed this by rewinding the spring and bending a new "catch" on the end (I used a torch to heat up the spring steel to bend it..not sure if that was correct but it worked for me).

    My other pull start failed when the metal protrusion inside the pull starter sheared off the case. That was a first for me. I can bend and rewind a broken spring in 15 minutes. I only use the pull starter to save wear and tear on my freewheel hub which is part of the SBP shifter kit.