greenline stretch cruiser

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by fenderhole, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. fenderhole

    fenderhole New Member

    my first build is complete. check it out. i'll be happy to answer any questions.

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  2. biken stins

    biken stins Member

    Nice Ride. Good style. Are your lights hooked to white wire. Well done !
  3. hello there

    Hows your center bar for your rear motor mounts ,mounted into the frame? Is it welded,brazed in or is clamped in. nice looking bike by the way.
  4. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Looking Good!!!!

  5. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    That's a beauty. Good work.
  6. fenderhole

    fenderhole New Member

    yes, both the headlight and the tail light run off the white wire. it took a while to find the right bulb combination that would work without taxing the engine too much. what i came up with seems to work well, it starts right up without turning the lights off and from what i can tell it doesn't limit the engine at all.

    as for the center bar, these stretch bikes seem to have alot of frame flex. most any weld will probably break eventually so i decided clamping it in was best. this allows the frame to flex normally while the center bar remains rigid.
  7. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Wowza! Standing tall to say the least. Great flow. Where did you find that seat?

    TINKERER Member

    Awsome Ride!!!
    How did you do the chain? it looks like it touches midway
    What light combo did you use?
    and how did you mount the sprocket to those high spoke count wheels?
  9. ky biker

    ky biker New Member

    Great looking bike :grin5:
  10. fenderhole

    fenderhole New Member

    hey, thanks for all the compliments! the seat came with the bike fortunately. it gives a comfortable ride with those big springs in back. maybe a greenline dealer can get you one. the chain run is pretty simple and effective. i just used one of those spring loaded chain tensioners from clamped to my seat post. it works very well, the chain never has any excess slack which makes for a smooth ride. i kept the chain close together so as much of it would be hidden by the cover as possible. there's about 3/4" clearance at the closest point. so far they've never touched. the light bulbs i used are a plain old 6v flashlight bulb(the old screw in type) for the tail light and the bulb out of my harbor freight rechargeable flashlight for the headlight. although rated at 12v, this bulb apparently has a very low wattage draw which allows them both to run off the white wire with no problems. it's no halogen but is still plenty bright enough to be seen by other traffic. there was no trick to mounting my sprocket on 68 spoke rims. a little filing to clear the dust cap and careful positioning of the mounting holes in relation to the spokes was all that was required for it to bolt right on.
  11. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    can we get a closer look at the mount ???
    how is it clamped top n bottom ?
    first time I have seen a stretch done this way :):):)
    cool ride :)
  12. fenderhole

    fenderhole New Member

    well, basically my center post is just a seat post i purchased from my local bike shop for about $20. after deciding exactly where it needed to be i cut it to length. on the lower frame tube i put a grade 8 screw with some small washers where the base of the post needed to be anchored. the screw head and washers fit up inside the cut off end of the seat post giving the base a secure mounting point. at the top i made a small dimple in the underside of the upper frame tube to act as a "seat" for the set screw that came with the seat post. once the base slips over the bolt and the set screw is tight against the upper frame it is very rigid. this also allows for a certain amount of pivot which compensates for the frame flex associated with stretch bikes.

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  13. oldanintheway

    oldanintheway New Member

    Nice ride...I love long wheelbase bikes
  14. Revorunner

    Revorunner Member

    Sweet Ride.:tt1:
  15. KDC1956

    KDC1956 Member

    Nice ride you have.
  16. suspect

    suspect Member

    awesome, that is almost exactly the bike i want to make.
  17. sac '68 sport

    sac '68 sport New Member

    Was that kick stand a stock on the bike?
    Where did you get the exhaust?
  18. fredc

    fredc New Member

    awesome ride! i envy the people who can ride these machines legally in their state while people like me (from new york) sit with their hands in their pockets or ride an expensive, no good ebike. once again congrats on your bike build!