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    Hi everyone, I'm Adrian and a new member as of today. I ride one of those Chinese 70cc jobs on a regular 24in road bike with 26in wheels. Have had this machine for just over a year and am loving it to bits. Also have a 48cc. Have done heaps of mods and experimenting on both engines. I've managed to sqeeze 61kmph out of the 48 on the flat but it won't climb hills with out frantic peddling which is why I got a 70. Where I live is quite mountainous with long flat valleys in between, with the mods I've don on the 70 it suits the terrain perfectly. It will cruise the flats at 40/45kmph on a 44t back sprocket and I hav'nt met an incline yet where I have to peddle. I'm just coming up to the 2000 km mark and I'm still amazed at it's durability and performance and lots of fun to ride. Well I better not prattle on to much. Love to hear from you guys.

    Adios Adrian

    p.s have no pics yet, working on it.

    **** can wait I'm still kicking
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    Yo Adrian, welcome to MBc. Sounds like you got a keeper. See many MBs in your part of the world?
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    Hi Happy valley.
    There are a few MB's down here in the antipadies, mainly in Australiar. but MB's are gradualy gaining attention. In the main, in Newzealand, it's V8's & Harlies. I know a couple of Harley owners and even they admiar these MB's and recognize what fun they can be. Thanks for the thread H.V like minded people are hard to find these days. I've been browsing this site for a couple of weeks now and it beats all the others on this subject hands down. Am looking forward to more contacts.

    Keep riding and give it heeps.
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