Grubbe 48 cc Intake Leak Revisited:(

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by gearhead222, Feb 2, 2010.

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    Using Hondabond twice where the carb hooks up to the intake tube has failed. I do have some Viton O-rings from the nice people at Sick Bike Parts. Should I use this along with Teflon Tape on the intake tube? Also appears that the clutch cable stretched a little and was helping to kill the engine using the clutch lever lock. Thanx for any info, as this is really frustrating me!-Gearhead

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    Hondabond huh??? What kind of honda's do you drive/own???

    clutch lever lock does that for me too. I don't really use it unless I am moving the bike while it isnt running.

    As far as the o ring... you need to get an aluminum intake (if you dont already have one on your kit) and file a groove right before the end of the tube for the o-ring to sit in. There is a write up around here somewhere on how to do it if you aren't sure what Im talking about.
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    Dear GMV-Don't have an aluminum intake. Hondabond is what was used in my Civic tranny rebuild-great stuff! Was told that my mixture may be too lean or that I might have a partially clogged jet. FYI, I switched to a quality NGK spark plug, so that should not be an issue-Gearhead
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    You can get aluminium intakes from a few suppliers, for about $10. (Can't remember exactly who in the US, (possibly That'sDax), mine came from RSE in Oz.)
    Here's a link to the thread that give_me_vtec mentioned:- NT carby/inlet leaks - a reliable solution

    ... Steve
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    Thanx dudes! Ordered the aluminum intake along with the offset intake for my performance filter:)-Gearhead