Grubee Grounded Kill Switch Alert!

Mike S

Local time
4:32 PM
Mar 16, 2008
Our handlebar kill switch was not working properly and today we discovered the problem: One of the leads is actve and already grounded to the frame, so it's shorting the magneto without pressing the button. This has probably caused more engines not to start. Taking the dead lead wire and attaching it to the mag wire results in a kill switch when the button on the handlebar is pressed. Thought everyone should know. Mike S
The stock kill switch is junk. Mine fell apart about the second time I test fired the engine. I took it out, drilled out the hole to fit a 1/2" momentary switch from Radio Shack, and hooked up the "hot" lead and a lead back directly to the engine block. I have never had a kill switch related issue since.
Sometimes, even decent switches are defective. I had one that only shorted out when its clamp got tightened. All the wires & solder joints were properly insulated, but, inside the switch body, the extra strain was causing something to make contact...
The momentary switch sounds interesting. I will explore it. Radio Shack is just down the street. Grubee says something is pinching the one of the leads, and it should not be grounded. Probably, it just not well made and should be removed. MIke S
The Grubee kill switch is very flimsy and I've found that even if it works at first it soon comes disconnected because the minor vibrations on the handlebars shake the connections loose. One look inside it shows how badly it is made. The screw in fuel switch on the tank has also been quality faded - mine fractured from metal fatigue after a week.