Grubee stage 111 clutch question

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by recumbentbill, Sep 14, 2010.

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  1. I put my stage 111 gear gear box back on my cranbrook in preparation for a SBP shift kit. Still have the 4G that will be bike less untill the 80T upgrade is available
    My stage 111 clutch question is [drum roll] which side of the clutch is on the out side[clutch bell side. look at attached pic and let me know if its the side in the pic or the other side

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  2. ocscully

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    I don't know for sure that there is a right and wrong way to install these clutches? But the the side you show in the photo is the side That I install against the motor case. The clutch shoes swing/pivot on the pin on each shoe and a slot in the clutch hub. You want the pin edge of the shoes forward so the aft edge to be able to swing. (Is this making sense?) Since you have it apart you might want to take the time to drill 3-4 1/4 in. holes along the outside edge in the shoes to lighten them. It seems to help increase the stall speed/rpm of the clutch.

  3. thanks

    Thanks for the heads up on the drilling. Do you have a pic of the drilled clutch I think I remember seeing one but not sure where
  4. only one way clutch position

    Hey Ocscully. Thanks again for your reply. Indeed the clutch spring side faces the engine. I must of had a flash back from stuff I did in the 60s I had the clutch insatalled just the opposite and boy does it not work. Sounds and feels like there is a B.F.Hammer inside the tranny. I did drill the holes that you suggested and wow its so much better. So now I flipped and flopped between the stage 111, the EZM,the 4G and now I'm back where I started from. Its nice to get back in the 30mph club. Next step is Sick bike parts shift kit
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    I was just thinking this morning after posting to this thread that you were the only one I know of who has stepped up and purchased, installed and ridden all of the 4-stroke reduction systems, and how good it would be to be able to sit down and discuss with you the pros and cons of each from your first hand experience. As for the SBP 4-stroke Shift kit, this is one I have alot of experience with and to keep things short here, let me say while it isn't perfect its the most fun I've ever had on a motorbike. I can't imagine ever building another single speed motorbike. I was lucky to be selected as one of the five testers back in Feb. I've been riding it daily now for over 6 months and approaching 6000 miles and am still having fun on it everyday.

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    Hi Bill
    You seemed to be pretty happy with the 4G. What happened?

    How about trying the 4g with the shifter kit? It has been done as you know.
  7. top speed

    Not much happened . 4G is nice but needs to be better and it will . I wanted to get the upgrade 80T pulley and the 10T output sprocket. Seems like that wil not happen for a while Even so It [the 4G] will still have the free wheel which with the shift kit as well as my present set up is one to many free wheels. With two free wheels in the mix there is way to much slop in the drive chain. I would have to be very careful when twisting the throttle to re engage the free wheels when coasting at idle. My stage three with the non free wheel 10T sprocket eliminates this problem
  8. Bill I got my New 4G , the 80 th pulley is mounted on a completely new shaft , its a bigger diameter . I have the old one also , actually Im not even sure if they have the new 4G for Honda / Clone motors ,I could be wrong about that tho .
    Actually ,I just checked and you may be ok , the pulley side of the shaft, looks to be the same size as the old one , I know for sure that the sprocket side of the shaft is larger on the new fella , I tried to swap the 11th with the 10th ,the 11th sprocket is nasty , the chain fouled on the teeth ends so I had to put a sharper point on them .

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