Grubee vs. Other Engines

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    O.K you experienced people, try to set me straight. I've searched threads about engine comparisons and haven't found much of what I'm looking for. What's the big deal between Grubee, which seems to be the engine of choice vs. others. From what I've read on the web, I'm under the impression that Don Grube is kind of like a personal quality control person, ships engines here to the states, slaps his label on them and sells them under the name Grubee. Not bashing him at all, just trying to keep my post plain and simple. At least he seems to be trying to push a good product rather than those that are just trying to make a $.
    Also, does an 80cc Grubee really exist. I'm seeing conflicting information on the web about that issue.
    I have a Grubee Starfire gt-ll 50cc kit in transit from someone on eBay.
    However I'm now considering a side mount, friction drive since I discovered yesterday that I already have a brand new crate engine in my basement that will fit the mounting kits I've found. And one last thing, I would like feedback on pull starters and centrifigal clutch drive.
    Thanks for any and all helpful info !

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    From what I've seen, Don has maintained excellent quality control with the manufacturers that supply his engines. I haven't been into MB's for that long, and Grubee 2 strokes have only recently become available here in the US again after the tougher 2 stroke standards were imposed a few years ago. I have purchased a few of the 50cc GT-2's and was impressed. I also have purchased a few of the Gen II's (with steel cylinder liner and flange mount carb) and they are nice too. If a grubee is available at a competitive price, there is no reason to buy any other brand IMO. Hopefully, the competition will bring their standards up, and we will continue to see prices fall. The free market at work. Enjoy.
  3. i love my pull start and centrifugal clutch(i actually have a dual start"dual clutch")
    yes i can pull start with left hand while sitting on bike and when i come to a stop sign,i just use the brake and engine stays running.
    the pull start is also great that i can start the bike and let the engine warm up and adjust it before taking off down the road.
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    Thanks for the replies. I grew up in the mini bike era, so I'm all to familiar with centrifigal clutches and how they work. I've had motor cycles in the past as well. I don't care to much for having to change gears, working clutches and such. I just like to cruise and not have to work to much to do so. I personaly just like the idea of an automatic (centrifigal) clutch. I'll be using a multi speed bicycle, so one less lever on the handle bars means less margine for operator error. Hee ! Hee ! Parts for these engine seem to be releative inexpensive and clutch replacement is easy as well, so that's not an issue for me. I just want something that's solid and dosen't give a lot of problems. I don't mind working or tinkering with stuff like this when I want to, but I don't like "HAVING" to work on them, if you know what I mean ! Pull start and centrifigal clutch will make it much easier to work on if there's a problem with engine or clutch. I can work on it in my garage and not have to peddal the bike to start it. That would be a pain if there's a problem with the engine not wanting to start. Been down that road to many times in the past.