What 24" bike should I get?


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Mar 5, 2024
Hello. I've looked around on this forum but I didn't see any post with this direct question. I apologize if I missed it. I'm trying to find a 24" bike to put a motor on. The one I originally got has the space for the engine but won't fit to the correct angle and has some fender and frame in the way of the build. Can anyone here suggest the best frame I could buy? This is my first build, second try so I don't want to go all out until I know I can make it work.
No, the white accents are hideous. If it where black accents though...
Perhaps you'd like this pink bike


OK.. I notice I miss-wrote 24" frame rather than 24" bike. It seems many of the posts here are trying to put the OP on a 26" bike with 24" wheels which will certainly reduce seat height by an inch or so. Most mass-market bikes come with one option of seat-post height/length. I believe you need to go to a true bike shop or large sports store to have a choice in frame size. I believe the OP is looking for a smaller bike with 24" wheels and is sold as a 24" bike. Any 24" mass market bike should be a good size for the OP. I have no idea what the frame size/ seat post size is on those. I notice recommended height for the Kent bike is 4'8" to 5'8" which would suit the OP.
I've got it narrowed down to 17" to 19" seat tubes for me to fit. Shorter's too short, taller is too tall. 18" is the sweet spot. Then you need to consider the wheels, 700c, 29er or 26in. 26in wheels are the sweet spot for me also because the choice of tires you can use and the way they roll. I don't see why any adult would choose 24in wheels, just me. To me only dept stores don't give you a choice in seat tube sizes.