GT2 Bike from USABikeMotors

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by Huntington, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Huntington

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  2. scottyo

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    does this bike frame have an internal gas tank?
  3. Huntington

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    it does, I have tried to email the vendor to ask how big the tank is but no response. I'm taking inventory of my MB supplies now to see what it would take to get one up and running on the cheap. If that $100 off was still good I would buy one of the bicycles now.
  4. Huntington

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    Does USABikes just not return emails? I'm not going to buy a $500 bicycle with no contact. :(
  5. give me vtec

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    I dont know about $550. You could have a felt for that price.

    But the bike is pretty thick steel.. not aluminum so it will last a lot longer. I say go for it and let us know how it turns out.
  6. Huntington

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    Felts are nice but the GT2 has almost everything a MB needs, HD wheels, built in tank, strong frame, I would like to buy this bicycle but still no response from USA. Do they just not check there inbox?
  7. azbill

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    have you tried calling?
    I have spoken to both the father and son on the phone before :)
  8. Huntington

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    Just filled my tax return last night, my expect payment date is somewhere around 10 days, so, time to plain my build. I am budgeting around $1,000 out of my tax return for this build. I guess Ill make a new thread for the build, and plain on using the GT Bike.
  9. professor

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    The description did not relate that it has a built- in tank. Are you sure about the tank?
  10. Huntington

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  11. Huntington

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    I just ordered the bicycle today. Ill post a review when I get it.
  12. cigron

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    GT2 usa bike

    I just got one last week. It` setting in the kitchen waiting for the
    snow to stop.I put the motor in it,it was nice to have every thing
    go togther so wife getting pi$$ of with it in the house
    it looks just to nice to put out side untill the weather gets better:whistling:
  13. Huntington

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    anyone take the sticker off the tank yet?
  14. azbill

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    that eagle sticker looks pretty lame ;)
  15. Huntington

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    I got the bicycle today, I'm going to reserve judgment till I get a chance to complete the assembly but I am disappointed with the paint. I posted pics in a similar discussion under the general section. Im hopping USABikes will kick me their discount to compensate.
  16. NoPed

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    Wow, others will the same bike in mind! I too love all the features(front shocks, rear sprocket(no clamshell type), hd hubs, awesome brakes and the gas tank holds about a liter. i may run a T and hose to an auxiliary tank for a reserve. the bike today is $345 with the wide crank.
    The shipping weight is 75lbs.; anyone know the actual weight? unless something changes, i intend to put inside the frame the HONDA g4 t belt drive kit. Can anyone say how well the gear/sprocket rations and the honda power would make this bike perform? this is my first ever build and i need it to last forever.

    You guys rock