Starting A New Bike Project!

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    So I got a new kit on the way and I thought my bike is a little bit crappy so I want to put my new motor on a nice new bike.

    The Kit I got is this one:

    With a 1 Gal Tank and a expansion muffler!

    I went out and got some good new spark plugs too an Extra NGK B6HS and a BPR6HIX Iridium plug and a replacement NGK LZFH Plug Cap.

    The bike I want to use is this one here:

    I know this bike will work but I would like to hear your feed back on this.

    I will have to save up for the new bike but the kit will be broken in or left until I get a new bike.

    Also I was looking for plug wire or a substitute since those plug wire on those CDI units are not so great.

    Where could I look for plug wire that is not online, I would like to shop local; I am well aware of Sick bike parts and most of the Motorized bike dealers but since I live in Canadian It's a pain to order from the USA.

    I went up to two local Auto Parts stores Lordco and Napa they both had no such thing so if anyone has any idea on where to get some that would be helpful.

    Hope to hear some you all soon!

  2. butre

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    my plug wire is off a dodge neon, get you anything that looks good at a pick and pull
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    I live in Australia, and it's not in any way more of a pain to order from the USA than it is to order from my local supplier, who most of the time needs to order from overseas, so it's just as easy for me to order things online.

    The bike looks quite reasonable (29'ers look much more purposeful with their larger wheels), but an important feature is the front disk brake, though i would prefer the rear brake to also be a disk.

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    Yes I have thought about having front and rear disc brakes but the good thing about it is I do not need to get a shift-Kit just to use it.

    It would be a huge upgrade over my old center-pull Norco Bike with no suspension. I'll get the Non-Pre-Built Box Version so I can take it back if anything is wrong with it.

    Canadian-Tire has this crappy policy they don't tell you until after to buy the bike and that's Pre-Built bikes cannot be returned no exceptions.

    A completely dishonest bushiness practice if you ask me.
  5. Fabian

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    As part of your assembly process, it might be a good idea to throw the standard disk rotor over your shoulder and order a Shimano SM-RT75, 203mm (8 inch) disk rotor and caliper adapter.
    I have found that this particular disk rotor design is highly resistant to metal warpage when it gets hot, and the increased rotor diameter will noticeably improve stopping power.