GT2A--> 2nd build and going all out!

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  1. Corster001

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    Hi All,

    Well after a few months of planning (and saving), I decided to test my newly developed mechanical skills on a 2-stroke this time as my first build was a 4-stroke that I thought came out pretty nice. I was actually thinking about building a trike but decided against that mainly because it's so much easier to ride something with 2 wheels and you can basically take your bike anywhere.

    Anyhow, below I have a sneak peak of what's to come. I actually started the build today with the parts that already came in but I am still waiting on quite a few, which will hopefully all be here by weeks end. I went with the gt2a frame as well as the new wheelset Kings is offering. I have double springer monarch fork coming along with avid disc brakes and a pretty cool looking handlebar.... I also have a bbr boost bottle coming, Kip springer tensioner, and yes I am putting the nitrous on. Please let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas...




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  2. 2old2learn

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    Since the whole is just an assembly of parts, I'm liking the parts I'm seeing. Can't wait to see it completed.
  3. Corster001

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    Thank you sir! Today i was able to get the engine assembled with all the upgraded parts and was also able to paint the frame. That was a process let me tell ya. I sanded, washed with soap and water, then rubbed down entire frame with mineral spirits, sprayed two coats of self etch primer, three coats color, two coats clear. All in all I was very happy with how the paint job turned out. I am going back and forth with whether or not I should paint the monarch forks the same color as the body or leave them original black and chrome.... Any thoughts?

    The forks and handlebars were just delivered by ups like 5 mins ago and I totally forgot to order a stem.... Question... This is my first time using a Threadless steerer, and I was wondering if I just cut it long enough to attach the Threadless stem or if I should use a stem with a bolt and tube that inserts into the steer tube body??
  4. Neufcruz

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    I'm building a very similar ride. I just bought same frame in white and going the same rims in black, black suspension forks, black straight bars, black suspension seat post for my old back :) and will add some red accents here and there. I bought the rims going by that it says disk compatible. Both front and rear are correct? I'm waiting as they are back ordered.
    I was leaning towards a 4 stroke but do as much as I can to enhance it. Just figured it might be less fuss in the long run. I know most 4 strokes are pretty painless. Why are you going 2 now? I need to make that decision soon so I can build the right crank/gear set up.
    Any advice/suggestions? I already have over $400 and only a frame forks,stem and Luya's wheels. Any suggestion on a decent dusk brake set up as well. I hope these wheels can both take dusk brakes.


  5. Corster001

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    Hey Mike,

    Yes both of the wheels are disk break compatible and I must say I am very happy with them as you can use a v brake as well. I am using avid bb7 road disc brakes up front with 160mm rotor and v brakes in back. I decided to go with a two stroke simply bc you can do almost endless upgrades. I built a 4 stroke earlier this year and did just about every upgrade I could do and she tops out at 31 and is very reliable. I have the pic below.

    As far as 2 vs 4.... I would go 4 for reliability and just a build and go, if you like to keep tinkering and upgrading, go 2. Hope this helps and thanks for your reply!

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  6. jaguar

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    I like those wheels. Where did they come from?
  7. Corster001

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    I got the wheels from kings.... Great deal too but I think they are on back order at the moment.
  8. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    I just ordered the blacks. Should arrive around the 30th they say. I'm bettin mid November.
  9. Neufcruz

    Neufcruz Member

    Thanks a ton. I decided to go with the 2stroke. This is just a toy and that's the reason I'm building it. To tinker, customize and make my own. This includes getting the best performance out of this thing. I want/need this thing to scream. Any thoughts on the raw motor gt6 pro racing 66cc engine?
  10. BWB

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    Wow.I know it's been a few months but I too am building a GT2A with Luya mags and a 2 stroke also. How are the builds coming along. Looks like we started around the same time. Mine's just about done. I've been taking my time on this one. This is my second build as well. I got my frame and forks off Craig's list for $120 The forks are Marzocchi Dirt jumper 2's which I painted to match the bike. I went with the Avid Elixer 7 hydrolic disc break up front with a 180mm disc. I still need to bleed them. I found a set of mongoose 3 piece cranks for cheap at Custom Motorized Bikes. Porkchop BMX hooked me up with a some Bear Trap pedals, chain ring and a gold half link chain for easier adjustment. What tires are you running? I'm rocking the Maxxis Hookworms. I had to offset the engine a bit to run the bigger tires but that's done. What engine mods did you decide on? That 4 stroke Mike built looks sick. I'm gonna try to drop some pics on here of both of my builds real soon. Brian
  11. butre

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    mzmiami sells, or at least used to sell them
  12. BWB

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    got mine from kings
  13. johnsteve

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    Yes interesting build. I have to ask if the sprocket is removable
  14. BWB

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    Yes it bolts on to the disc mount
  15. Neufcruz

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    How's it going? My builds coming along well so far. I got it together as a bike right now but still waiting on my top hat ( different story/rant) I broke my back a year aho and just got clearance from dr. To start excersising, riding bike so I'm really enjoying as bike right now. Plus I live on South Beach so riding the boardwalk and ocean drive are real nice rides. My wife is amazed at the looks and comments I get from it and once my engine is in it will be sick. I still need to paint my cases, port my piston and maybe a few little things and then she's ready. Like I said no rush at this point. I'm still waiting on my Jaguar CDI as well. Ordered a while ago. Hopefully soon. I'll post some pucks as a bike.
  16. Neufcruz

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    Here it is as a peddler! 20151210_143834.jpg