GX or TLE for commute with one big steep hill?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by Rgvkid, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Im looking for a decent engine to get me home with a friction drive setup. About 10 miles flat and a good 1-2miles up a big fairly steep hill. I want to keep a good cruise speed at 30-35mph. Im not to concerned about a rebuild but it is a good 30mile commute from home to work and back, probably 2-3 days a week. Im looking at the GX50 but i have read some good threads on the TLE47 or maybe 43.

    What would the experts suggest? How are the 49cc chinese engines compareable?

    I currently have a 33cc Poulan Chainsaw setup, but i think its over heating trying to keep a 33mph cruising speed. It'll run for about 10 min. then It will lose power, shut down, then start up about 10min. later. it has a new plug, filter, clean carb, and smooth gas lines. I'll have to play with the tuning, it might be too rich. It got me up over the hill with some good peddle assisting.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    I've got the TLE43, and I like it, but, I think you'll be better off with the GX50. It has higher HP output, as well as higher torque output, which is what will keep you going up the hill.

    But, depending on the slope of the hill, and the total weight you're pushing up the hill, you may need to adjust your expectations for the max top end...
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    Aluminum frame and 145lbs. Not much im thinking.
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    My TLE43, with a 1.5" roller, gets me 30+ mph on the flat, but I have to pedal a lot on steep hills to maintain 14 mph.