GXH50 and a pocket bike clutch?

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    Ok, so I've been going back and forth and back and forth :wacko2: on my decision about what engine to choose for my setup and for a while I was leaning towards the pocket bike motor but now after realizing their poor fuel economy and getting opinions about their reliability I'm beginning to lean back towards the GXH50. I've already ordered several parts for my setup and if I don't want to go to a far greater expense I need to figure out some way to get this clutch and this housing to mount to the GXH50. I think I saw or was sent a link to a company that had an adapter of sorts to allow clearance for the shaft but I can't find it and I also believe it was quite expensive. I'm also considering the Titan as well and if that housing would bolt right up it would make a big difference in my decision. The only thing is that the Titan is only like $30 cheaper than the Honda and I prefer names with H's in them for some reason..

    Thanks again you guys, and as always any help is greatly appreciated! :clap:

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    Yup, those are the parts I was thinking of..you're probably the one who enlightened me as to their existence originally. That's probably the only way I'm going to get away with using the Honda. Do you think the clutch I linked to would fit the Honda shaft? If so I could just get the adapter but for both the price is awful steep. If not, that brings the Titan ahead in the running if the bell housing I linked to will bolt right up.

    Thanks a lot for the reply, I really appreciate your help.
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    The pocket bike motor housing you have provided the link to will most likely be a direct bolt up to a Titan motor and since the Titan already comes with its own clutch and built in adapter you would not need to go thru the trouble to modify the clutch you provided the link to or buy the Staton adapter. You could probably make the clutch you provided the link to fit a Honda motor but it will probably cost more to make the mods than buy a clutch that fits, unless you have the tools and skills to do the job yourself.

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    If I could find out for sure that the bell housing that I linked to would fit the Titan then that would probably end up winning out. I don't have the tools so I would end up needing to take it to a machine shop and have the bore increased..that is if it wont fit right out, and I don't think it will because I was able to find a similar clutch on ebay that measured 13mm for the ID of the bore. Soooo, now the big question is: Will this clutch housing fit the Titan?

    Oh, and thanks for the reply! :)
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    What you are trying to accomplish is doable but you are going to have to take some risks here. You are trying to mate up parts from various manufacturers and you are not going to find someone that has actually done the came configuration that you are looking at. But there are some standards here and one of them is that the various pocket-bike motors and the various 2-stroke and 4-stroke small engines small weedwacker motors all have the same pattern for the mounting to various lawn/garden and power washers and genarators etc. The Titan 50 cc motor has ths same mounting pattern. Its included clutch is also partially schrouded/recessed into the crankcase just like the smaller 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors. The Honda GXH50 does not use this type of mounting so if you want to fit the various clutch housings you need the adapter from Staton but for the Titan you do not. As for getting a direct answer from the various manufactures as to wether or not you can mix and match their various parts ? Its not in their best interest to provide you with that information. So you have to look at the various parts and make your own decisions as to weather or not the parts will work and be ready to assume the rist if they do not. The only guarantee that everything will fit is to buy a kit from one manufacture.

    Now that I'm off my soapbox the short answer to your question is that the housing you originally linked to has a clutch bell that is made for the larger 76/78mm clutch , Yes it will fit.

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    So it WILL fit? Well I suppose that will end up being the way I go then. But you scare me with the part that says the only guarantee is to buy a kit from a single manufacturer. But if you are sure it will fit then I can stop my research and start my buying :biggrin:

    Thanks again!
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    There are so many things that can create problems for the builder trying to put together an alternative drive train. Do search for threads started by member DetonatorTuning? Read thru his two different rack mount builds just to see all the areas that he has had to make changes to various parts and kits to get what he was after and then after everything is worked out realize it isn't what he was after. He started out mating a High Performance High HP Pocket Bike motor to a GEBE rackmount kit. Then he switched over to the same motor mating it to a Staton Chaindrive kit. After countless hrs of work and money spent for various parts and modification both were less that satisfactory to him and now he is building a third time using metric timing belts and a drive train of his own design. He was lucky in that he was able to sell the parts from the two previous builds so the money spent there wasn't down the drain. Its been my experience the the costs involved in putting together your own alternative drivetrain is quite a bit more expensive than just buying one of the kits currently available. So unless the challenge of doing something different is part of the enjoyment for you, custom drivetrains can be a real pain.

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    I like the challenge and I definitely wanted to go with the chain drive setup like sbp but with a more reliable motor and that's why I've chosen to go this route. If the pocket bike clutch will mount up like you say I think I will have exactly what I'm looking for...just without the Honda :(
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    you are a real gentleman. you may remember that you were one of the first to answer on the endless string of questions i had about the characteristics and real life expectations of the available kits.

    for that i've always been grateful. you may have seen in my belt/ jackshaft thread that i had to give it up as a production project and am now working feverishly on a shifter kit so i can get back to riding.

    i am one of the types you mention above, i thrive on working just outside the envelope, and have been blessed to have gained relationship with a good number of people here who had their own interest's in the various parts i didn't want to keep.

    you are all too correct that prototyping and assembling a design from scratch is MUCH more expensive than buying an exsisting one, and my hat is off to all those who have managed it. Quenton seems to have a real nice frame mount 4 stroke about to go, it should be very well recieved.

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    Well I also feel the need now to give a sincere thanks to the both of you. Steve, you were the first one to offer your help and advice to me when I began this endeavor.

    My hat goes off to the lot of ya! :D
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    Conradcliff, I would advise you to send the new parts back to DavesMotors and pay the restocking fee.
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    Oh, I'm not that deep into mistakes yet. I haven't actually ordered anything from DavesMotors yet..but as it turns out it looks like the bell housing is going to work on the Titan so I will probably be ordering that tomorrow. I may have bought a couple of sprockets that I didn't need though..:dunce:
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    Well, I just found this and it has me worried again..


    If the mounting holes on the Titan are 75mm center to center then this presents me with a problem..

    If the bell housing would still fit then I could probably drill the holes out and use some washers to hold it together.

    Any ideas? :(

    Edit: Ok, I don't know why I thought someone had told me that the mounting holes on the Titan were 75mm center to center but I just found this which says they're only 70..which is close enough for me :)
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    I believe you will find that the c to c of the Titan and the housing are the same, I believe the difference you are seeing posted is the difference in the way different people are reading their measureing stick.

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    I agree 100%! :D