Has anybody used this frame before?

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  1. Was poking around the 'net and found this frame. The price isn't bad and shipping isn't terrible either. Was thinking about this one for my next build. Anyone have any thoughts or, possibly used this one before?

    It's under their frame section at www.bicycledesigner.com

    Looks pretty good. just wish I could get it painted, not chromed.

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    I'm not sure how well that frame will work. look at the drastic angle that the frame is at to keep the engine level. Based on the pics, you would need some really long chopper forks to keep the frame at that angle, so the engine would level. if your engine is at too much of an angle, you will start to have carb problems such as flooding over, and leaking.
    It's a nice looking frame tho, and i can't figure out if they just set the engine in there to show that it would fit, or if that is the only way you can mount an engine in that frame.
    I just don't like the drastic engine angle that they are showing.
  3. I was thinking about that also, but if you look at the intake right where the carb mounts, you'll see that the frame is raked too much and bringing the front down would only help keep the carb flat. Compare the angle of the carb mount (right where the carb would mount) and the chain stays. They're not identical, but I think it could be closer. They also have a stretched frame kit that I'm looking at. Still debating on that one.
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    yeah i see what you're saying, but the way i am looking at it, the angle still looks too gerat. but, i am trying to look at a picture that isn't the best, and the carb is not on the engine. so it's hard for me to judge the exact angle (I have old eyes) :)

    the way you are describing it makes more sense to me, than looking at the picture of the frame.

    I think a chrome frame would look cool, but it sounds like you'd rather paint it.
    you could always buy it and then have it sandblasted, which would remove the chrome.
  5. Yeah, I've been thinking about that. Then again, they have a stretch frame that is already black. And, they have a kit with front forks. Decisions, decisions!

    Whatever I decide, I'll surely have some photos to share. By the sounds of it, no one has had any negative dealings with this frame though. That's good.
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    who sells this frame? I'm starting to like the looks of it more and more.
    is it a 20" or 24" frame?
  7. go to bicycledesigner.com

    Look under their frames heading and you can see it there. It's only $99 plus shipping. Not a bad price at all, I think. It looks kinds beefy. Kinda grows on ya, doesn't it?
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    yeah i like it, and the price os decent. it looks like a very well built frame and i'm starting to like the design.
    It would make a really cool chopper.