Have you cleaned your muffler?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by brendonv, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Have you cleaned your muffler yet?

    Im seeing many people posting up threads saying Lack of power or none, Runs without muffler but not with ect. If this is happening guys its your muffler, if you hav lack of power, no power or no speed other than idle for example it bogs out after idle take off your muffler ( no it wont brake your engine ) then try start it. If it runs fine then it means your muffler has carbon particles in it and is blocking it so get a air compressor and blow it through, sometimes but not always if you can get your engine running, run it full and the carbon may come out but it wont clean it fully so cleaning it out properly is better.

    I just bought a engine and it wouldnt start at all, i tried tuning, ezy start, spark plug, fuel flow and it still wouldnt go. Then i found my muffler was basically one big block of carbon so i filled my muffler with WD40, swished it around and then drained it out, then got the air compressor and blew it all through. It now starts perfectly first pull.

    Clean your muffler regularly ( i bought this engine from the tip for 10 bucks, it hadnt been cleaned in a long time ) you will be amazed what a little cleaning can do. Oww another thing, i started my weed wacker without the muffler and wow how cool it sounds, but very loud. I only ran it for 5 secs as its not to good for 2 strokes as they need back pressure.

    Clean your muffler today!!

    Cheers guys,

    From Brendon.v
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    Hi Brendon -- when I first read this heading I though -- no - cleanning my muffler is not very high on my list.. I have been the operator of and also repaired many small and other size engines -- not once that I can remember -- have I cleanned a muffler out --- BUT - I AM GOING TO TRY THIS ON A ENGINE OR TWO -- I am wondering how much gunk I am carrying around -- if it may make it run better -- at my age -- worth a try -- new trick for old dog... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Yeh you dont realize how much **** is in your muffler until you look, you sort of think at first, meh my engine runs fine because u dont remember how it ran when u first got it because it slowly gets worse, when you clean it you are suddenly like wow. I cleaned out my new motor and now im thinking ill clean my other muffler on my other engine as well.
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    No. of ways to clean out your mufflers...

    I'm wondering how many possible ways there could be to clean out your mufflers...

    I've heard the air compressor bit a few times, and the only other procedure I heard from a pothead friend of mine... "Boil it!" And I honestly feel like that'd be a great complement to the air compressor blowing super duper speeds.

    My exhaust is a ripoff of the Tanaka... so it's like theirs, and the Mitsus, & the Subarus, & prolly most of the other good manufacturers' exhausts.
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    Ok you can, sit it in a bucket of hot water ( this doesnt work great and i dont like mixing water and metal ), air compressor or the fill it with CRC method, leave it in there, swish it all around then shake it all out then let it drain.
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    wow i cleaned my other muffler ( never been cleaned b4 ) and man its a lot louder now, revvs better, kicks over easier, idles better and a lot faster. It use to get up to 30km in about 200m now its 50m. I think it will do like 55km max now wen it use to do 45km. It handles different and scary to ride now as its so fast lol.