have you ordered parts DIRECTLY from China?

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  1. I orders a few small parts, air filters, 3 of them its been 27 days well past the 20 days they said.
    PayPal is sending me an invoice. I told of the situation and they instructed me on how to handle it.
    Just wondering what other peoples experience have been, & if anyone has used the same sight as me?
    PLEASE share your experiences Pros & Cons. Thank you.

  2. crassius

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    when ordering from china, I usually figure 3 to 6 weeks

    also, be sure to check seller's weigh/size chart for shipping

    small & light orders can be sent in mail at reasonable rates - past a certain point, fedex or ups shipping can be higher than original price (break large orders into separate smaller ones)
  3. Here's the situation. They shipped via u.s. mail. They have some sort of reference number I guess appeal number, However they said they have no tracking number and no way to track the shipment no way to see if it's been delivered or anything!!!!! And basically it should have been here by now. So now I have to contact banggood.com And put in another trade as they call it or I call it.
    For a package that there is no tracking or tracing number for,HMMMMMNMNNN?????
    I know what to do I just wanted to hear other people's feedback on getting orders directly from China. At least I protected myself with PayPal.
  4. I have total confidence that I will not get ripped off and that it will be straightened out it's just I knew it would take a long time but I just don't know if this is normal for things not to show up. You know like what's the percentage of packages that don't actually arrive or get lost in the mail, or. , Whatever else can go wrong that I'm not aware of. I thank you very much for your feedback. Have a nice day have fun and be safe. W.C.B.
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  6. crassius

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    lack of tracking may be due to getting thru us customs
  7. Er they just dropped it in DA mailbox without a 2nd thought. WHO KNOWS? ONLYZ1. person knows, the one who gave up the pkg.

  8. butre

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    I've bought a lot of guitar parts direct from China and not had any issues with that. no tracking is the norm for anything that gets caught at customs.
  9. HeadSmess

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    99% of stuff on ebay comes direct from china... sometimes things get lost (overboard cargo container, all alone, sailing the atlantic ocean...), sometimes the address details are scanty (try being a courier and finding out how many streets have no signs, or houses have no numbers!) and sometimes...who knows?

    the joy of ebay is that you can whinge and usually get a refund/replacement...

    hopefully they will send me a new graphite rod, after my last one broke in half in the post... i politely told them it should be wrapped in something a bit stronger than a sheet of bubble wrap...12" of graphite rod doesnt like being shipped without protection...time will tell! i dont really need anymore graphite rod, but hey...two for the price of one, or if they just refund me instead of replacing it...1 for free!

    the sellers that ask for things to be returned, automatically get negative feedback from me :)

    1 in 20 orders are lost, on average.

    1 in 20 of those lost orders/damaged goods get negative feedback. on average.

    so, out of 400 orders, i would expect to lose 20, and leave negative feedback on 1...give or take. not too bad, really...

    i have never had a tracking number that actually proved to be of any use... except on orders for things over $200, maybe...
  10. Legwon

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    ive ordered from both Banggood.com and DX.com before and had NO issues getting my items. once i had a wrong item, they sent the correct item immediately.
    im also in Canada, free shipping , 2-4 weeks delivery(depending on which warehouse it ships from)
  11. 45u

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    Yes many times order and sit back and wait. May take up to 2 months to get it.
  12. Tauseef

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    Yup many times.
    Tracking is very good and item comes in about 6weeks, and total refund if package not received
  13. Arty

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    I too have often ordered from China - mainly because of lack of availability anywhere else.
    I have had good success - sometimes with surprisingly quick and in-expensive (or free) shipping, and sometimes an occasional delay of up to a month or more. - Sadly, the shipping costs, and delivery times are usually way better than ordering from the U.S. (I am Canadian). I expect this is because often the U.S. based businesses are simply ordering the parts from China after receiving the original order.
    I have had one item go missing, but I got a very quick response from the seller, and am not expecting any further problem.
  14. Rosie2003

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    I am in Ireland and I have a full stock of all parts ready for delivery.
    I am a registered member Nitram1
  15. JGH122

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    I ordered some CREE LED lights from China.
    The main reason I ordered from China was Amazon.ca does not ship these type of lights.
    Took about 10 days and came by DHL courier.
    I also had to pay duty and taxes to DHL.
    I bought duty and taxes insurance from LightInTheBox for $3.00 and got $21 back.
    If China and India refine their operations it will be the end of Canada and America.