Head Light connection problem [ shorts out ]

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by MEXICO SCHWINN, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Hello,

    Every time I conect a Head Lamp to the white wire out of the magneto, If I let the engine idle, it dies. Is this normal?


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    other topics going about this very thing...i'm too busy (reading and responding to duplicate topics) to search for 'em, but they're there and informative.

    "it's always better to post in an existing thread than to start a new one."

    every repeat-question bumps the answer further down the list :???:

  3. You really need to search out the answer but in a nutshell, you are drawing to much power running the lights and starving the engine of the power it needs to actually generate a spark to stay running.
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    Ya, you are killing the spark to your spark plug. Brings something else up, A Answer roost boost. Very popular in late 80's early 90's on dirtbikes and quads. Think of it as a amp for your ignition system. Your magneto needs RPM to make juice, the answer roost boost would give you full spark even at low rpm, giving you great exceleration and help keep your lights on. I hav'nt seen any in years and I dont think you can buy one new anymore, I've been looking for one for months now with no luck. What part of Mexico are you from if you dont mind me asking? I have family in Santa Ana Sonora, I will be going there this weekend to race in a Off-road Rally.
  6. fairracing31 they are making those big time for atv's and such I got one with a used quad I bought this summer.

    It most likely isnt exactly the product you are talking about but it does the exact same thing.

    From my understanding of it, it comes into play when the electrical power from a vehicle suffers, to put it simply "a brownout" it makes sure the ignition always has full power and it is a soild state device (most likely a big honking capacitor and support circuits)
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    Ya, I know which one you are talking about but I dont think it will work on these motors, but I could be wrong. Todays ignition systems are alot diferent. I'm used to the old school stuff.
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    ok, now...if you search for "white wire light" using "search for all terms" button, you'll 10-15 beautiful and very relevant matches...which (to repeat myself) get buried deeper with every new repeat question :???:

    as long as this topic stays active, the good ones will only go deeper into hiding.

    a little help here, please? this place gets messy fast with neglect...try searching before posting your question, chances are the answer to such a rudimentary question already exists :)

    find one of the above mentioned existing topics and fire it back up, you'll be helping the whole community & the (volunteer) staff will truly appreciate it 8)
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